Manage Occupancy blocks by Channel

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Manage Occupancy Blocks in the section Integrations under Manage Occupancy by Channel > Occupancy by Channel Rules


  • You can give the rule an optional description (useful if you have many blocks and a reason for having them – but it is only used internally).
  • You can specify which days within the date range are blocked and also which room types are applicable.
  • Rules can be *stacked* or *overlapped* on top of one another. So, the date ranges can overlay each other and the system will always look at all rules and determine what should be blocked based on all the rules that apply to a given date.
  • If you need to change one, you’d have to delete it and re-add it with the new changes.

Here is a screenshot that shows one Rule setup that blacks out ALL days between 12/22 and 12/26 (inclusive).

Here is an example of setting that up:

With that rule in place, this is how things would look on (note the RED blocks from the 22-26 of December):

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