New RezStream Clients - Responsibilities

Jeff Hebrink -

New RezStream Clients

  • Prior to on-boarding share with your customer service rep your contact records. Most reservation software’s can export contact data (name, address, phone, email).  This list is typically exported to a .CSV file which we can then import into RezStream Cloud for you.
  • Your online booking engine links will need to be changed. At no cost to you RezStream can update these links on your website.  However, we’ll need FTP information to accomplish this.  You can ask your webmaster aka the person responsible for managing your website for this information.  We’ll need this before your Go Live day otherwise you’ll have a fancy new reservation software but no online booking engine to accompany it. 
    • If you need help communicating with your webmaster let us know, we’re experts at this stuff!
    • If you prefer to let your webmaster update your new booking engine links that’s ok, we’ll simply email you the new link and you can share that with your webmaster.
      • A word of caution, RezStream builds websites and installs lodging booking engines for a living. Most webmasters don’t specialize in lodging websites, nor are they familiar with online booking engine code.  In almost every situation, it’s 100x easier for RezStream to perform this task for you, and remember it’s free.  Also, keep in mind our entire staff is standing by to ensure this Go Live day is perfect.  Your webmaster may need to tend to other clients on that particular day. 
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