Considerations for a Go-Live date

Jeff Hebrink -

Expectations & Next Steps

We understand that making this transition is a big step for your property.  We hope to put your mind at ease by reminding you that we’ve been on-boarding properties just like yours for the last decade.  We have done thousands of on-boarding’s during that time, which has allowed us to refine the process to ensure it’s as smooth as possible. 

We kindly ask that you be mindful of the following information to make sure your “Go-Live” day is stress free.

  • Try to select a Go-Live date that won’t be generally busy. Typically Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are best for lodging properties and our support team.
  • Assume you will be without a reservation software for the entire day. Generally it doesn’t take a full (8) business hours, however it’s better to plan for that and be surprised then plan for a couple of hours and be disappointed.  90% of the work will be on RezStream, however you being readily available when we need you is what ensures a smooth on-boarding. 
    • For existing RezStream Professional users we will have you upload your database at 8:00am MDT on your Go-Live day. We will then schedule a time that afternoon for you 60-90 minute training session.
    • For new clients to RezStream, we will obtain your guest contact records (if your existing PMS permits) prior to the Go-Live date. We will communicate the times during the day of your conversion and your training session. 
  • For precautionary measures it’s best to turn off your online booking engine on your Go-Live day. This will ensure no mistakes are made that lead to a double booking.   
  • It’s best to assign one individual that can give us there undivided attention when it’s needed throughout that day. We prefer to train that one person on using the software and have that person train the other staff members at another time.  Having more than one person participate in the training session causes agenda conflict as well as pulls multiple resources from your business when it’s unnecessary.
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