Cloud PMS FAQs

Josh Wise -

1. Why should I consider upgrading to RezStream Cloud?

Upgrading to the Cloud allows you to access your business at any time from any device. No longer do you need to be in the office to see what’s happening at the property, simply login to your account on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Check out the other benefits of a Cloud-based software here.

2. How much will it cost?

After thorough research on the lodging industry, we’ve set our rates at a competitive but economical $9 per room per month. There is a floor of $90/month and a ceiling of $450/month.  The rates include RezStream Cloud, unlimited online bookings, business hours technical support, mobile booking engine, unlimited gift certificates, and unlimited users. Our existing RezStream Professional customers will not have to pay an upgrade fee..

3. What happens to my historical data from RezStream Professional?

Your data including rooms, rates, taxes, contacts, invoices, and even advanced bookings will convert to the Cloud-based software. You’ll easily upload your current data to us and your Cloud-based version will be populated with the historical data. By law, we cannot transfer credit card data from your current version of the software to the Cloud. We’re setting this up to be as smooth of a transition as possible. 

Same thing applies from your Rez2u booking engine.  All of your room descriptions, pictures, website theme, policies and terms and conditions will convert to the Cloud Booking Engine.

4. What training will I receive upon setting up my account?

In the past, we did one-on-one training sessions with each property, but to make efficient use of everyone’s time we’ll be hosting online classroom type trainings via the GoToMeeting platform. We are not discontinuing one-on-one trainings and those will still be available should you prefer that type of training. These online trainings will be coupled with a thorough help file, an online knowledgebase, and quick and easy training videos. Our focus on this software is usability and from testing we’ve found the learning curve is minimal. We’ve built this software for you based on your feedback over the years and we’ll work with you to train you on the software however you’re comfortable. 

5. How does credit card processing work in the RezStream Cloud PMS?

RezStream is big on choices!  We don't feel providing you with with one option is the best route, therefore we've provided these options below to meet your preference. 

A: NON-INTEGRATED PROCESSING - If you wish to process your credit card transactions outside of the Cloud PMS and do not utilize the online booking engine you do not need to take any action at all.  We can get you setup on the Cloud PMS with no additional steps for credit card processing.

B: CLOUD BOOKING ENGINE WITH NON-INTEGRATED PROCESSING - If you wish to utilize the Cloud Booking Engine but do not want to process your credit cards within the RezStream Cloud PMS this is the option for you.  In order to meet PCI requirements RezStream must securely gather and store the credit card information entered by your guest during the online booking process.  We've inserted the highest form of security known as tokenization.  This technology means that RezStream's booking engine never touches the credit card nor do we store it.  That means that hackers can never steal your guests credit card information because you never have it.  In order to "reveal" the guests credit card information, you will log into our partners Shift4 4Word account to reveal that card information so you can process it.  The Cloud PMS will provide you four words that you will enter into your secure account to reveal that card information.  The setup is simple and the process for revealing the card information takes a matter of seconds.

C: INTEGRATED CC PROCESSING - Regardless if you use the Cloud booking engine or you just use the Cloud PMS, this option means you're processing credit cards within the Cloud PMS.  RezStream has built a connection with a leading hospitality payment gateway known as Shift4.  This payment gateway is processor agnostic meaning you can work with any processor/merchant account of your choice.  The Shift4 gateway is required because they are the link between the RezStream Cloud PMS and your processor/merchant account so your transaction payment information is updated automatically in the Cloud PMS.  If your processor/merchant account tells you they already work with a payment gateway, that doesn't matter because their payment gateway does not have a connection to the RezStream Cloud PMS.  You must utilize Shift4. To learn more about Shift4 and/or get signed up please contact RezStream at 866-360-8210. 


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