Understanding Tasks

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Creating a task

Navigate to the Dashboard and then to the Tasks section and click on the blue ‘+’ button


In the ‘Edit Task’ window you can define the task settings and save


  • a.Description- Describe the task (example: Change light bulbs)
  • b.Notes- Details of the task (example: Rooms 15, 21, and 22 need new bulbs)
  • c.Due Date- Date you require the task to be completed
  • d.Priority- Set the urgency of the task
  • e.Assigned To- Assign a user to carry out the task
  • f. Save- Save the task

 Viewing and Completing Tasks

Tasks are displayed in order of their due date


You can filter the tasks by their status or assignee


Selecting a task will display details about the task and provide you with two options


  • a. You can mark the task as completed
  • b. You can edit the details of the task

If you mistakenly mark a task as complete you can reset the task’s status





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