3.31.15 Release Notes v1.0.797

Jeff Hebrink -


PMS-1007 — Removing unit in multi-booking mode does not refresh cart

PMS-1052 — Deposit policy alert for wrong day

PMS-1053 — Cancellation policy incorrectly including tax

PMS-1082 — Ordering reservations in reservation section using column headers not working

PMS-1099 — Reservation: Error when adding/moving/deleting a unit on a reservation that was converted

PMS-1101 — An error occurs when closing a tab if you refresh with the tab open.


PMS-1067 — Use consistent capitalization on config items


PMS-915 — Change Reservation reports to support date ranges

PMS-1085 — Keep tabs when refreshing screen

PMS-1090 — Save People List state

PMS-1091 — Save invoice list state

Usability Problem

PMS-1061 — Date range on reservation list isn't preserved

PMS-1083 — When you close a tab, it always redirects you back to the Dashboard

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