5.6.15 Release Notes v1.0.851

Jeff Hebrink -


PMS-987 — Validate property can book, put in display-only mode if invalid

PMS-1028 — Null Exception error opening scheduled emails if letter template is missing

PMS-1106 — Read-only mode occurs silently.

PMS-1162 — Invoice: Can't make CC payment if the CC type is not set

PMS-1172 — Forgot Password flow does not unlock account

PMS-1175 — Credit Card: Transactions are time stamped in UTC but should be time stamped in the customer's Time Zone

PMS-1178 — Letter Content Below Template When sent from BE

PMS-1184 — BE: Can't receive same day reservations after 6pm because system thinks it is the next day already.


PMS-1158 — Rename 'Taiwan, Province of China' to 'Taiwan'


PMS-443 — Show special icons on reservations on the occupancy map

PMS-896 — Add Payment variables to letters.

PMS-1140 — Housekeeping Report: Need an option to choose what appears in report Notes

PMS-1146 — Booking Engine/GDS bookings should have an icon that identifies them

PMS-1147 — If a reservation has a tag (or just a tag that is marked important), show an icon on the map (maybe an exclamation type icon?). Handles the VIP or PITA scenario.

PMS-1156 — Dashboard: Add a list of recent Booking Engine reservations.

PMS-1160 — BE: Booking Engine Confirmation Letters should allow Invoice Scoped letters

PMS-1164 — Conversion: Allow a cutoff date to skip converting old data/speed up conversions


PMS-1069 — Add channel to reservations in reporting db

PMS-1168 — Track database usage

PMS-1170 — Improve speed of loading Settings

Usability Problem

PMS-1173 — User receives no indication their account is locked

PMS-1176 — Reservations: Need more flexible searching

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