3.25.15 Release Notes

Jeff Hebrink -


PMS-941 — Config sections not updating when adding new item

PMS-945 — When using a Promo code on BE, gives a message that the promo rate is not available for the entire stay. But it is available.

PMS-969 — After saving a Rate Season, the Rates list reverts to selecting the first Rate which causes unintended side effects

PMS-1063 — BE: The Search step shows console errors and calendars are broken if no bookable units or rates are configured,

PMS-1070 — BE: Should redirect to Search view if you somehow land on an internal page (ie. Select, Confirm) without a cart.

PMS-1074 — BE: Individual unit calendars are showing all rates, even restricted rates.


PMS-1068 — Use consistent capitalization and sentence termination for config desciptions


PMS-413 — Leverage Azure CDN Service to publish your images

PMS-933 — Add channel (BE, GDS, PMS, others in the future) to the reservation

PMS-955 — Initial invite should be copied to sales and support.

PMS-957 — Vary confirmation number by channel

PMS-1064 — Allow undeleting a person

PMS-1071 — Make emails go to the actual recipient in PROD


PMS-1072 — Remove bizSettingsSvc references from ratePlans confg in the Config section.

Usability Problem

PMS-961 — When you delete a person, the person still shows on the people list

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