4.15.15 Release Notes v1.0.817

Jeff Hebrink -


PMS-918 — Wire up rate table refresh in multi-unit mode

PMS-1113 — We stash the tabs you have open in a cookie, but when you change businesses we still show the old tabs which are invalid in the new business.

PMS-1114 — Tax Config: UI doesn't allow more than 2 decimal places - should allow at least 4

PMS-1116 — BE: Availability calendars display no rates for the EndDate of a rate season.

PMS-1125 — BE: Extra guest charges are not quoted.

PMS-1139 — Reports: Choosing a date range does not appear to work correct on Reservation reports.

PMS-1143 — Reports: Columns don't line up sometimes, especially on narrow screens or portrait prints


PMS-1066 — Use consistent capitalization and sentence termination on report descriptions

PMS-1122 — Second contact (spouse etc.) did not convert with contacts


PMS-908 — Housekeeping report should show assigned guest info on group reservations

PMS-1089 — Housekeeping should group units into Arrivals, Stay Overs, Departures and Out of Service like the Dashboard reservations list.

PMS-1098 — Reports: Add a setting for the length between linen changes.

PMS-1126 — Add AM and PM guest counts to Housekeeping Report.

Usability Problem

PMS-832 — UI should clarify the difference between Sales and Revenue reports

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