5.22.15 Release Notes v1.0.871

Jeff Hebrink -


PMS-1177 — Rates and Availability: Closing out rates with $0 or $-1 does not remove availability

PMS-1189 — Letter Code Workaround is broken

PMS-1195 — In multi-rate mode, if Default rate is negative, other rates not shown

PMS-1199 — Rates: BE Visibility should default to Not Bookable

PMS-1200 — BE Config: A bookable rate with an invalid rate plan will blow up when attempting to configure a new BE.

PMS-1201 — Conversion: Rates are created without creating the parent Rate Plan

PMS-1207 — 2 Week Availability Calendar doesn't load consistently

PMS-1208 — Parse Body tag for styles on theme upload

PMS-1210 — Occ Map: Rates don't load for today (and the past) if the rate season starts tomorrow in UTC time.


PMS-1132 — BE: Integrate Shift4 into mobile confirmation page

PMS-1161 — BE: Conditions and Policies config boxes should use html editor interface with limited tags

PMS-1180 — Discover card validation fails when typing in a card number


PMS-938 — Wrap RavenDB update in Retry block

PMS-1190 — Wrap SQL Commands with retry logic

PMS-1192 — Don't require user for conversion

PMS-1193 — Move pre-conversion checks ahead of creating raven db

PMS-1202 — Set BE theme default doctype to xhtml transitional

PMS-1203 — Parse html doctype from uploaded theme

PMS-1204 — Rework BulkInserter for conversion

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