6.19.15 Release Notes v1.0.899

Josh Wise -


PMS-1171 — Doing advanced search with nothing to search for causes error

PMS-1214 — User permission restrictions do not work properly for reports

PMS-1222 — Deleting an email address does not enable the Save button

PMS-1223 — Unit maximum guest not stored on initial save

PMS-1234 — Adding Second Email Fails - No entry boxes appear

PMS-1245 — BE: Deleting a bookable unit does not remove it from the Booking Engine.


PMS-1213 — Mobile BE: Error when selecting a unit

PMS-1215 — Issue encountered removing email from person.


PMS-1136 — Enable redirect to mobile site

PMS-1163 — Dashboard: Print individual dashboard sections/widgets


PMS-903 — Add min stay relax

PMS-1216 — Tweak BulkInsert options to make conversions more reliable on invoices

Usability Problem

PMS-1174 — Changing "Quantity" of a POS item when using the up and down arrows changes in "hundreths" instead of whole numbers.

PMS-1219 — Report list filtering does not work if term is proper-case

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