7.1.15 Release Notes v1.0.915

Jeff Hebrink -


PMS-1243 — Rate Season "different week and weekend rate" and "daily rate" extra adult & children fields are not independent of each other.

PMS-1256 — Source converted with null label

PMS-1257 — Reasons not converted to reporting DB

PMS-1258 — Source/Reason not converted on Person/Reservation

PMS-1260 — Rate Season Default - Rate Season Name and Promo Code defaults to that of previous rate

PMS-1265 — Rate Season start date default not correct when most recent start date is today.

PMS-1267 — Elk Cove Conversion did not convert weekend settings for all rate seasons


PMS-1252 — Selected Pager Buttons Overlap Date Picker


PMS-492 — Update number of people/guests in reservation

PMS-968 — Set smart defaults when adding a Rate Season

PMS-1094 — BE: Mobile interface

PMS-1136 — Enable redirect to mobile site

PMS-1255 — Invoice: Remove option to change Tax Group in order to make reporting more useful/consistent

Support Feature Request

PMS-1197 — Add length of stay information to House Keeping Report

Usability Problem

PMS-1259 — Mobile BE: Make Credit Card and Security Code fields number fields so the number keyboard appears and makes it easier to enter.

PMS-1261 — On Rate Season not all minimum stay values are saving.

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