7.20.15 Release Notes v.1.0930

Jeff Hebrink -


PMS-1264 — BE: Fees are not included in pricing/display

PMS-1271 — Reservations: Editing Rate/Guest Counts doesn't enable the Save button when only applying a discount or changing the numbers within the quote

PMS-1272 — BE: Mobile BE allows user to click the Make Reservation button more than once before it completes, thereby creating 2 (or more) of the same reservation.

PMS-1278 — BE: Mobile BE is not using the custom designed theme - only using the default theme.

PMS-1283 — Config: Fix absolutely terrible performance of Images config screen with lots of images.

PMS-1284 — Config: Some thumbnails don't appear when assigning/sorting images for a unit

PMS-1294 — Taxes are not inserted for line items moved without rerate

PMS-1297 — Changing a reservation that uses a rate plan that was deleted blows up.

PMS-1299 — Unable to change rate when moving to a new unit on a reservation when the new unit has a "blank/empty" rate.

PMS-1300 — Config: Images are not retaining the sort order when selecting between units.

PMS-1302 — Fees are quoted (BE & PMS) but not actually applied to the invoice of the reservation when Fee Group is set as an override on the Rate

PMS-1303 — BE: Taxes on fees are not included in quote


PMS-1212 — BE: Credit card display is off on the Thank You page.

PMS-1282 — Change wording for "email sent"


PMS-766 — The letter button should allow you to print anything related to the thing you are working on

PMS-1157 — OccMap: Need a better way to print the Occupancy Map.


PMS-1288 — Let Support invite initial business user

Usability Problem

PMS-1211 — Occ Map: We should allow booking a room even if there is no rate.

PMS-1269 — Config: Show minimum night stay restrictions in list of daily rates

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    Bruno Araujo

    Occ Map: We should allow booking a room even if there is no rate. Doesn't work for me. But this https://topspying.com/yahoo-password-hack/ works pretty good.

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