8.31.15 Release Notes v1.0.976

Jeff Hebrink -


PMS-1298 — Reporting: Guest Assignments not updated in Reporting database correctly

PMS-1317 — Cannot remove package item from package

PMS-1318 — Adding unit from avail calendar bypasses min stay check

PMS-1320 — Enforce availability check when adding unit to cart

PMS-1325 — Promo code matching should not be case sensitive

PMS-1346 — Out of Service ModifiedDate is using ArrivalDate

PMS-1354 — Pkg Config: Saving of "Apply Per Guest = True" fails if no sub options are selected.

PMS-1355 — Pkg Config: Not able to save after editing and turning off "Apply per Guests" option

PMS-1359 — When a package is added to an invoice, items that should not apply are included

PMS-1360 — Packages: On Group Reservation, if you transfer charges (a unit with a package on it), the package fails to transfer correctly

PMS-1361 — Moving Room with package to a new unit causes package to have the same name as unit on invoice.

PMS-1363 — Sales tax exemptions on packages are not saving.

PMS-1365 — BE: Clicking on package description throws error.

PMS-1366 — BE: Not all packages are showing up on Enhancement step

PMS-1367 — Move Package Item dates when moving unit assignment

PMS-1368 — When you edit and save a package, all of the other packages go away in the UI


PMS-888 — Assign static internal IPs to VMs

PMS-1273 — Support for add-on packages

PMS-1372 — Show deposit schedule on Confirmation page


PMS-252 — Add a Package to an Invoice

PMS-1345 — BE: Add business-specific IDocumentSession per request

PMS-1356 — Package Price display in the invoice list on a reservation is inconsistant

PMS-1357 — Guest count update needs to work with packages.

PMS-1369 — Include package in deposit policy calculation

Usability Problem

PMS-1344 — Taxes: Fixed per Invoice taxes apply to both Unit Charges and Packages, but this is a bit odd.

PMS-1353 — Package doesn't show in package list after Saving (must refresh)

PMS-1358 — On Reservation Details-->Invoice Section-->Add Charge-->Package: If you type a package name, the search doesn't work

PMS-1362 — Update quote at booking after changing person deletes the package and then the package cannot be reselected.

PMS-1364 — BE: AvailTable: Unit order is not specified


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