9.18.15 Release Notes v1.0.1034

Jeff Hebrink -


PMS-1342 — LineItemFees table in reporting DB doesn't get updated properly when line item date is changed.

PMS-1343 — Taxes on fees are not added to the LineItemTaxes table

PMS-1417 — Prompt to choose business if user has access to multiple businesses and is being redirect to the root at login.

PMS-1422 — POS items are not being created in reporting db

PMS-1424 — Invoice: Setting Invoice Tax Exemptions screws up Package Lines (converts them to Unit lines)

PMS-1429 — TypeError: t.ExemptTaxIds.some is not a function When deleting Package from Invoice

PMS-1431 — Tax Report Showing Wrong Date

PMS-1433 — OccMap: Client side error when clicking/dragging to quote new reservation

PMS-1440 — Tax exports line item dates are treated at UTC datetimes


PMS-1439 — Add date range info to tax export filename


PMS-1413 — Regression: Unexpected exceptions get eaten and replaced with a NRE in logs.


PMS-1329 — Show better details when adding/editing POS items.

PMS-1428 — Typo on Reservations Stayovers Report Description onr > nor

Usability Problem

PMS-1412 — Reporting: Deleted POS items shows up on report with all 0 values

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