11.19.15 Release Notes v1.0.1227

Jeff Hebrink -

PMS-1556 — Setting POS Category defaults (rev acct, fee group, tax group) does not update POS items in category
PMS-1564 — Edited Gift Certificate shows wrong totals
PMS-1568 — can make a payment with a gift certificate for more than the gift certificate is worth
PMS-1569 — Navigation errors on occupancy map
PMS-1572 — Cannot delete gift certificate
PMS-1575 — After deleting voided gift certificate, invoice still has payment that makes invoice $0 instead of the balance due (Screen refresh needed to fix issue)
PMS-1577 — Non-reservation Invoices did not transfer
PMS-1580 — Can't view recipient contact info
PMS-1581 — App "crashes" when saving a letter
PMS-1582 — Letter codes for Gift Certificates don't populate (receive email with all values missing)
PMS-1583 — GC: If prefix isn't set, gift certificate is prefixed with 'undefined'
PMS-1587 — Cannot click invoice link on GC
PMS-1588 — From GC detail screen, cannot get to the invoice from whence you came.
PMS-1590 — Letter Code Example Text has misspelling
PMS-1592 — Put the GC options in their own subheader
PMS-365 — Gift Certificates
PMS-1491 — Add default letters for conversions and demos
PMS-1523 — Give Support option of creating a populated demo database
PMS-1584 — GC: Allow business to set next number
Usability Problem
PMS-1566 — When making a payment with a gift certificate, defaults to used up certificate.
PMS-1567 — Choosing a partially used gift certificate to make payment does not fill in the payment amount.
PMS-1570 — Make payment Save button not re-enabled after correcting error.
PMS-1574 — When paying with a gift certificate that is not paid for, no warning
PMS-1576 — Editing a recipient is confusing
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