12.8.15 Release Notes v1.0.1281

Jeff Hebrink -


PMS-1608 — Additional Names Letter Code is missing formatting.

PMS-1612 — User using a demo account created in PMS Ops encounters an error accessing BE settings

PMS-1613 — Cannot click 'Show Address Fields' on business address if Address is null

PMS-1625 — Error creating BE config if phone, email, or address are missing

PMS-1627 — Letters in "wrong" scope


PMS-1620 — Use bed icon instead of key icon for unit (to match bed icon on invoices and other places)


PMS-1623 — Error when entering the payments screen when there are gift certificates, but the guest does not have any.


PMS-1560 — The option to show hints should be saved in the user's local storage settings.

PMS-1604 — Make it easier for users to switch businesses

PMS-1605 — Make it more obvious which business you're currently in

PMS-1606 — Unit Sort Order When Adding a New Unit

PMS-1609 — Invoice Notes Letter Code not populating

PMS-1621 — Advanced Search - Searching with two sets of criteria returns no results

PMS-1628 — Add default gift certificate letters

PMS-1630 — Add channel to gift certificate


PMS-1615 — Update default letters with new content from James P

Usability Problem

PMS-1614 — Cannot filter by short name on occ map

PMS-1624 — In add payment dialog if you choose to add a gift certificate, then change to credit card the gc field stays same if you go to cc first then gc.

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