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This article will help assist you in ensuring your Google Analytics revenue tracking scripts are setup and working properly.  RezStream's support team will associate your Google Analytics account with your RezStream Cloud Booking Engine to ensure you are able to track revenue by source from your online booking engine.  A support representative will confirm the completion of that first step.  Then please share the information below with your webmaster and/or marketing vendor to ensure the remaining steps are followed. 

Your website MUST include the following;

* Google Analytics ASync code


* OnClick code on ALL booking engine links

STEP 1: Copy and paste the code for Bottom of Head Script

The Bottom of Head Script for Google Analytics can be found here:

* Replace UA-XXXXXXXX-X with the property’s actual UA number

* Copy and paste this code before the closing head tag </head>

STEP 2: Add “onClick” code to ALL links pointing to the booking engine

The Booking Engine Link Examples can be found here: * Replace with the property’s actual booking engine link

* Add onclick='_gaq.push(["_link", this.href]); return false;' to all links pointing to the property’s booking engine

STEP 3: Confirm revenue tracking is reporting

The confirmation link examples can be found here:

* Click on one of your booking engine links

* Review the URL for the addition of a query string

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