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The revenue reports exist to help you analyze your revenue and trends by looking at a complete history of your data.


The revenue reports contain the following data to help you see how much revenue you have received.

Item - the name of the item or category for the revenue

Revenue - this is the net revenue or revenue before fees and taxes

Fee - Fees are separate because some people consider them revenue others do not.

Tax - the total tax charged for the revenue.

Total - this is the gross revenue or revenue plus tax and fees.


The Reports


This report shows a summary of all the revenue received during the time period arranged by the overall groups POS Unit and Other The detail here for POS or Unit will show the categories or rate plans respectively

Unit Revenue by Rate Plan

This report shows the total unit revenue arranged by each rate plan. The detail will show each unit assigned to the rate plan.

Unit Revenue by Unit

In addition to the standard revenue report information this report also contains information about occupancy including ADR (average daily rate) and RevPAR (Revenue per available room). The details show each night the room was used during the time period.

POS Revenue by Category

This report will show you your total POS revenue arranged by category. The details will be each POS item in the category.

POS Revenue by Item

This report is the most detailed POS revenue report and the detail will show you each time other item was sold.

By Revenue Account

This report shows you your total revenue for the time period with each item in the revenue account it was assigned to.

By Package

This report lets you see each of the packages for the time period and what items they included


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