Defining Taxes

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How to Define Taxes

Taxes and Tax Groups are defined using the following steps:


  1. Click the Rates, Taxes > Taxes link.



  1. Click the Taxes button and then Add New Tax.



  1. Enter a name for the tax and then a tax type. Three options are available.



                       a.  The three tax types are described below.

                                         i.  Percent – A standard tax rate that is applied as a percentage. For example a State Tax of 6.3% on a stay of $100 brings the total                                              amount due to $106.30.

                             ii.  Fixed – A fixed dollar amount that is applied to the reservation per night, for example a flat $5.00 per night lodging                                   tax with a room rate of $100/night for two nights comes to a total of $210.

                            iii.  Fixed per Invoice – A fixed dollar amount that is applied to the reservation per stay, for example a flat $10                                               National Forest Tax. If the total balance due for a two night reservation is $210 the $10 tax would be added to it,                                       bringing the total to $220.

              4.  Taxes are calculated based on seasons. To add a new season, click the “+” button.



              5.  Complete the two fields under the Season Details heading. The Starts On field defaults to the current date generated in step                           #4. Enter a value, 7%, in this example.


              6.  Click the Save Tax button.

              7.  In our example, a second tax will be created, City Tax.




Now that individual taxes have been created, State and City, they can be combined into a Tax Group. From the Taxes home page, click Tax Groups and then the Add New Tax Group button.





Enter a name for the group and then enter checkmarks next to the individual taxes that comprise the tax group.




Click the Save Tax Group button.

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