Adding Photos to RezStream Cloud

Development Team -

  1. Select ‘Images’ from the Booking Engine page
  2. Click on ‘Add Images’ button
  3. Select Image(s) from folder on your computer and drag them to the specified area
  4. Allow the photos to upload and then save.

Be sure to refresh your browser after saving your photos, this allows them to reorganize and will make them easier to find.

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    Development Team

    The cloud will reduce the size of any image uploaded to a max height and/or width of 600px.

    The thumbnail generates when we save an image has a max height and/or width of 250px.

    The thumbnail displayed in the results has a height and/or width of 100px when small.

    The thumbnail will go up to a height and/or width of 250px when it is hovered over.

    The gallery under photos has a maximum height restriction of 280px.

    The Image in the gallery is now scaled down to fit within the space but will not exceed 500px.


    Most design choices in the BE were made with the assumption of landscape (wider than height) images. Because of this some portrait (taller that width) images may not have the optimal appearance within the layout.

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