RezStream Professional 2009.9.1

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LATEST PRODUCT UPDATE: RezStream Professional 2009.9.1

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KEY FEATURES found in RezStream Professional 2009.9.1 & the RezStream Booking Engine:

  • RezStream Professional has significantly improved its functionality for group reservations.  A master Group Notes field has been added to the Group Selection screen.  Group Notes from this field, as well as all group member invoice notes, can be viewed in a new Group report.  To access this new group reservation functionality, simply create a group reservation and enter desired information in the master group Notes field after you select a group leader.  You may also view these group master notes by placing your mouse cursor over the group leader name that appears on the Contact Data screen under the Group Assignment box (below Payment Data in the lower right-hand section of the screen).  To print a group report, click on the “P” symbol next to the group name in this same section of the Contact Data screen.
  • RezStream Professional now includes a new Hourly Reservation report, which shows dates and times of hourly reservations in greater detail.  In addition, both the contact notes and invoice notes are displayed on the report.  To access this report, go to the Other Reports section, click on Occupancy > Hourly Reservations > by Time and Unit.  This Hourly Reservation report is perfect for businesses with hourly meeting rooms, weddings, or food and beverage services.
  • RezStream fixed an issue where an error message sometimes occurred if there was not a local database on a network installation.

The RezStream Booking Engine has been significantly enhanced in this latest software update.

Major improvements include:

  • Payment Processing Inc. (PPI) credit card processing option has been added to the RezStream Booking Engine.  If you currently use PPI to process credit cards for RezStream Professional, you may now use this account to process payments within the RezStream Booking Engine.  Make life easier by taking real-time online reservations with ONE credit card processing account!  Call the RezStream support team today at 303-872-0220 (ext. 2) to activate this convenient new feature.
  • We have significantly improved the overall performance of the RezStream Booking Engine, particularly with quicker guest reservation steps.
  • Added the credit card security code at Step 4 of the reservation process.  While RezStream cannot store or pass this data to your desktop software, we added this field to increase credit card security for guests who prefer to make reservations online.
  • Fixed any known issues with displaying the average daily rate at Step 2 and Step 3 of the online reservation process.
  • Fixed issues with adding packages and point of sale items to any reservation.
  • Fixed issues with weekly rates, monthly rates, and inclusive tax rates.

Please visit the RezStream website to view our recently added features.  RezStream is excited to share our new blog, our travel blog and our professional videos!

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