RezStream Professional 2009.5.1

Jesse Long -

  • Adds Split Billing and Direct Billing including Invoices and Revenue Report (Contact must be flagged as Business to appear on Direct Billing Report)
  • Adds Percentage Item to POS Items (Calculates percentage of Daily and Hourly items by adding %XX to the end of the Description; i.e. . Calculates percentage of all items by adding +%XX to the end of the Description; i.e. +.
  • Adds Exit Button to Sign On screen
  • Adds Strong Password feature and logs activity any time someone views a credit card
  • Improves Contact Data screen (1280x800 minimum for widescreens; 1280x1024 minimum for standard screens)
  • Improves Edit Invoice screen to fix column width issue
  • Improves Group display on Contact Data screen to include list of group members
  • Improves Email field on Contact Data screen to allow up to 255 characters
  • Improves Credit Card Expiration list to start at 2009
  • Fixes Deposit Calculations in Record Transaction screen to never exceed Amount Due
  • Fixes InnRes URL change issue
  • Fixes Account Changes Report
  • Fixes Account Balances Report
  • Fixes Auto Update turning off when saving payment issue
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