RezStream Professional 2012.9.11

Jesse Long -

November 20, 2012 RezStream Professional 2012.9.11 enhancements!

This update contains various bug fixes and updates to our credit card processing module.  Over the past few months, we have updated RezStream Professional, so it remains PCI compliant.  We have also updated our credit card processing connections with Merchant Partners and with Pay Pros.  Any RezStream customer who processes, or stores credit cards, within RezStream Professional, should download this update.  

November 8, 2012 RezStream Booking Engine (Rez2u) enhancements!

  • If you sell gift certificates online, you are now able to customize the terms that you use. Want to call them gift cards? Feel free!
  • We've cleaned up the Select step. Amenities under the unit filtering section look much nicer. And, as a bonus, if you have a long list of searchable amenities, we now scroll the box to keep the sidebar from getting too long.
  • Many other UI tweaks and enhancements!

You can read the full list of changes here:

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