RezStream Professional 2011.5.0

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RezStream Professional 2011.5.0

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This update features numerous improvements to RezStream Professional property management softwareand the RezStream Booking Engine.

ENHANCED FEATURES now found in RezStream Professional 2011.5.0:

Fully PCI Compliant: All RezStream customers who store, or processes credit card numbers, must upgrade to version 2011.5.0 to comply with Payment Cardholder Information (PCI) regulations. To ensure the secured use of your customers' credit card information, the Credit Card Security Council (CCSC) has certified RezStream Professional, which contains advanced features to protect and secure all customers' credit card data. In July 2010, new regulations went into effect that requires all businesses to use only certified programs for the storage or processing of sensitive customer credit card information. RezStream Professional officially meets all of these strict guidelines by the CCSC.

Click here for more information on PCI compliance.

New HTML Email Editor: RezStream Professional has added significant functionality to email and graphics capabilities. The new HTML email editor allows customers to create templates for the sending of all emails within RezStream Professional. Customers may also elect to bypass normal email programs and send emails directly with custom SMTP settings. Semi-automatic marketing emails are now easier than ever! Even though this functionality exists in the software, configuring this new feature and creating custom email templates requires advanced skills. For your best results, RezStream recommends using the expertise of its talented website design and support teams. For a reasonable $75 per hour fee, the RezStream teams can design custom email templates and then provide any additional support necessary to convert your current letters into these templates. Basic email setup and custom templates can be created in as little as one or two hours. Call 303-872-0220 (option 2) for assistance.

New RezStream Booking Engine: The next generation RezStream Booking Engine is now available! The new RezStream Booking Engine contains many advanced features that other booking engines do not support. One of the most exciting elements is the capability of matching the look and feel of our booking engine to the exact design scheme of your current website. The entire guest-booking interface and administrative interface have been re-written to improve the graphical look and feel of the booking engine. This results in a superior consumer booking experience. Customized two week calendars have been designed for smaller businesses like bed and breakfasts and inns. Hotels and vacation rental businesses may also tailor the new RezStream Booking Engine specifically for their own unique needs. In the coming months, RezStream will also be adding advanced dynamic packaging features that will dramatically increase your return on investment from online reservations.

For more information on the RezStream Booking Engine, call RezStream at 866-360-8210.

Advanced Google Analytics Revenue Tracking: Many booking engines can track general information about online visitors and revenue. RezStream is one of the few companies to fully support Google's new asynchronous revenue tracking to the actual keyword level. Imagine if you could know which keyword consumers used before they made an online booking with your business, and how much revenue each keyword produced? With the new RezStream Booking Engine, you can do exactly that. Call RezStream today at 866-360-8210 if you would like our team of Internet marketing experts to customize your current Google Analytics account to track revenue to the keyword level. RezStream charges $75 per hour for this service. Time needed to setup accounts can vary depending on if you are also participating in Google's pay per click(PPC) program. However, most accounts can be modified in a few hours. Don't miss out on the chance to know which organic and PPC keywords yield the highest return for your current Internet marketing initiatives.

Click here to learn more about revenue tracking to the keyword level.

New 24/7 Live Support: RezStream has instituted a convenient 24/7 live customer support. When RezStream customers now call after hours, they will be greeted by our new "live voice" support service. Routine customer support issues are answered free of charge, such as password changes, hosting and email issues, and other minor concerns. Other calls could incur an additional cost, but RezStream has a variety of affordable 24/7 support pricing options for our valued customers. Call 866-360-8210 for more information on upgrading to one of RezStream's new 24/7 support packages.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes: RezStream has also included a number of bug fixes in this RezStream Professional 2011.5.0 update. The most important fix relates to installations on Windows 7 and Windows Vista operating systems. Many other minor issues were addressed.

New RezStream Documentation: RezStream has recently revised its credit card processing documentation to include important information about PCI compliance. We have also updated our RezStream Professional User's Manual to include information about our split billing/city ledger feature, which was added to the software program last year. Click on the link below to download our latest RezStream Professional User's Manuals.

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