Minimum Night Stay

Jesse Long -

Many hotels have instituted revenue management systems that incorporate minimum length of stay requirements. The hotel will refuse to book the room unless the traveler agrees to book for two, three, or more nights.

In RezStream to add this, do the following:

  1. Open RezStream Professional>Tools > Unit and Rate Setup > Unit Rate Plans tab is used to define room only rates, a rate that only includes lodging. Rates that include point of sale items, for example, breakfast, are defined using the Packages tab. For additional information about configuring Rates, Please click here
  2. Identify the season you would like to add the min. stay for and input the number of days the guest will have to stay for:
  3. 2013-03-18_16_40_09-RezStream_Professional_Help.png
  4. When this is complete, run a verify configuration data to sync with your online booking engine. You can find instructions on how to run that here:

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