Defining Unit Groups

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RezStream Professional allows companies to operate multiple rental properties from a single software package. For companies operating multiple rental entities, each entity can be defined as a unit group. Financial data for unit groups can be viewed separately on system reports. If you are using RezStream Professional to manage a single property, only one unit group is required. Use the following steps for updating the default unit group.


  1. Click Tools > Unit and Rate Setup and select the Unit Groups tab.

Highlight the default unit group and update the fields listed on the right-hand side of the window.


  1. Click the Update Group button.


Companies operating multiple properties can define multiple unit groups by clicking the “Add New Group” button and completing the fields to the right for subsequent unit groups.


Regardless of how many properties or businesses you have, you should have at least one unit group defined. If you only operate one property you may simply rename the demo property by typing over the existing information.


Once you have entered your property information, click Update Group to save the changes. If you have more than one property that you wish to track, click the Add New Group button to add a new property to the list. Edit the Unit Group details and press the Update Group button to save the changes. Repeat this process for each property that you wish to add.


If you would like to delete any existing Group, click the name of the group and press the Delete Group button. You should only have as many groups as you have properties.


Assigning Units to Groups

Before you set up your units, you should first set up your Taxes and Unit Rates.


The next step in managing multiple properties is to assign your individual units to unit groups.. This is done by clicking Tools > Unit and Rate Setup > Individual Units. Make sure each unit is assigned to the appropriate unit group in the "Belongs To" field.




Once you have set up your unit groups and assigned your individual units to different groups, RezStream Professional does the rest of your work for you. Each time you make a new reservation or add Point of Sale charges, RezStream Professional will automatically assign all charges to the appropriate invoices.  

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