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Letter Design

An unlimited number of guest correspondence letters can be added to RezStream Professional. In order to begin using RezStream Professional, the following confirmation letters should be updated to reflect your property’s deposit and cancellation rules.


  1. No Payment
  2. Deposit Paid
  3. Paid in Full
  4. Cancellation Letters


1 – 3 are all confirmation letters in RezStream Professional. If your property uses just one confirmation letter, it is only necessary to update the letter that will be used. For example, if your property requires just a credit card hold to book a reservation, the only confirmation letter that would have to be updated is the No Payment confirmation.


Use the following steps for updating guest correspondence letters.


  1. Click Tools > Letter Design. The Letter Template Design window is displayed. Here, text is displayed along with letter codes. Letter codes are variables that merge data into the letter. For example, in the sample letter displayed below, the code <FIRST> represents the guest’s first name.


    When the letter is actually printed, letter codes are replaced with actual guest data. A sample letter is displayed below where letter codes are replaced with data.


  2. To update text in an existing guest correspondence letter, simply type over the text as you would in any word processing program.
  3. To add a new letter code, position the cursor at the point in the letter where the code should be inserted, click the codes drop-down list located on the toolbar, and highlight the appropriate code.


  4. Utilize the various choices on the toolbars for customizing your guest correspondence letters.
  5. Close the Letter Template Design window.

For additional information on letter design in RezStream Professional, please review the Customizing Letters section. 


Email Marketing

To send email letters from RezStream Professional, make sure that Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Outlook Express is set as the default email program in your Windows system settings. Check this default setting by clicking Start > Settings > Control Panel. 


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