Defining Amenities

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Defining Amenities

Click Tools > Unit and Rate Setup and select the Options tab to define unit amenities and assign colors to unit types on the Daily screen.


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Amenities describe units at your property. To define amenities from the Options tab, position the cursor in the first RezStream Professional default amenity field under the “Amenity Choices” heading and enter an amenity that describes your property. In the example below, six amenities have been defined for our sample property.





Delete any RezStream Professional preset default amenities that do not apply to units at your property. Delete amenities that are not applicable by highlighting the text and pressing the <DELETE> key.


Once amenities have been defined, they can be flagged as sortable using the drop-down lists on the left-hand side of the Options window.


There are three categories for Ssortable amenities, described below.


  1. Sortable display on Daily Reservation Screen. The three amenities selected will display on the Daily screen toolbar circled below. Click “N” to sort Non-Smoking rooms, “O” to sort Ocean View rooms, and “J” to sort rooms with a Jacuzzi tub. Any combination of these amenity buttons can be clicked in order to sort rooms on the Daily screen based on reservation requests.


  2. Sortable display on Hourly Reservation Screen. Rental units on the Hourly screen can be sorted based on the amenities defined in these fields. The Hourly screen is used by properties that make reservations for entities by the hour, for example, meeting rooms, hot air balloon rides, seats on a helicopter sight seeing tour, horseback rides, etc.


    There is no need to define sortable amenities for the Hourly screen if you do not make hourly reservations.

  3. Not Displayed. These amenities are displayed when assigning amenities to individual units. Please see the Defining Units section for additional information. 

Unit Type Colors

Unit type colors can be assigned to individual units to make them easier to identify on the Daily screen. Click Tools > Unit and Rate Setup and select the Options tab to assign colors to unit types on the Daily screen.



For customers configuring new systems, remove the text for any RezStream Professional default unit types listed in the Unit Type Colors list that is not applicable to your property. Remove the text by highlighting it and pressing the <DELETE> key.




In the following example, our sample property has defined three unit type colors (blue for Queen Queen rooms, dark blue for King rooms, and green for Suites) that will help reservationists identify specific room types on the Daily screen.



Unit type colors can be customized by clicking the paintbrush button next to the unit type listing.




After clicking the paintbrush button, the Color window is displayed.




Here, left-click the desired color square and click the OK button. The color assigned in this step is displayed as a unit type color on the Daily screen.


The unit type colors defined above will be assigned to individual units in the Defining Units section.

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