Defining Revenue Accounts

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Defining Revenue Accounts

In order to simplify the process of tracking revenue in RezStream Professional, revenue accounts can be created and then assigned to items sold on an invoice (unit rentals, point of sale items, & cancel fees). Streamlined revenue account reports can then be printed that show the amount of sales for each account. Use the following steps to create revenue accounts in RezStream Professional.


  1. Click Tools > Unit and Rate Setup and select the Revenue Accounts, Deposits tab.


  2. RezStream Professional comes installed with four default revenue accounts:

    a. General
    b. Unit Revenue
    c. POS Revenue
    d. Cancel Fees

    The first Account Name (General) and Acct Number (0000) cannot be removed or edited.

  3. To change an account name, number, or description, simply highlight the text and type in the updated information pertinent to your property. In the example below, we have changed the Unit Revenue account to be “Revenue – Room Rentals,” assigned an account number of 40010, and a description of Revenue – Rooms.


  4. Update the other two default accounts to match information pertinent to your property.


  5. To add a new account, click the Add New Revenue Account button.


  6. A new line is displayed with the account name, “New Revenue Account.”


  7. Update the account name, account number, and account description to match information pertinent to your property.


  8. Follow steps 5 – 7 to add all revenue accounts at your property.
  9. Revenue accounts will be assigned to units and point of sale items using the steps outlined in the Defining Units and Defining Point of Sale Items sections. 


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