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Overview - The RezStream Configuration Utility

The RezStream Configuration Utility is used to define basic business data such as your address and contact information, usernames and passwords, settings for credit card processing, and defaults for how RezStream Professional should react in certain situations. After clicking Tools > Configure, the Configure RezStream window is displayed.




This section contains information on completing the fields listed under each tab, including:



Adding Users in RezStream Professional

The Users tab allows you to assign user and passwords for each person who uses RezStream Professional. It also allows you to require that users log in after each reservation or payment is entered into the program. This is useful when using the various Tracking reports. Usernames, access levels, and passwords are defined under the Tools > Configure > Users tab.




Use the following steps for creating a new RezStream Professional user.


  1. Click Tools > Configure > Users and then the Add New User button at the bottom of the Users screen.
  2. A new blank line is created. In the Employee Name column, enter a username (Night Audit). Note: you can use the tab key to move to the next fields.


  3. In the Initials column, enter the employee’s initials. The initials will be used for tracking transactions processed under this username’s logon.
  4. When you tab into the Access Level column, you will see a drop down arrow appear to the right of the current access level displayed. (If you do not see a drop down arrow, left click on the right hand side of the Access Level text field to get a drop down arrow for different levels of access.) Click on the down arrow to see a list of Access Level choices. Select an access level from the drop-down list that is appropriate for the experience level and importance of each user. Normally, access levels 9 and 10 are reserved for owners, front desk managers or General Managers.


  5. Enter the new user’s password that is unique for that employee only.
  6. If the checkbox for “Require sign on for every data input” is checked, the User Sign On prompt displays every time a user is entering information in RezStream Professional. Prompting for a username and password every time data is saved in RezStream Professional can be beneficial when several people are sharing one computer. Prompting for this information can help pinpoint which employee made a reservation, canceled a reservation, or processed any type of payment.

  7. Use the Select Sign On Interval feature to select the time interval in which users have to re-sign on during the business day. Click on the drop down arrow to access the list of choices. This feature is useful if you often leave the computer idle or unattended. Small businesses that are owner operated can set the interval to a longer setting. 

Business Data

The Business Data tab is used to define your business address and other contact information, for example, email and website address. For customers taking advantage of online reservations via the RezStream Booking Engine, this information is transferred directly to the RezStream Booking Engine Online Administrative Interface. For additional information about online reservations, please contact RezStream sales toll-free at 866-360-8210.


Go to Tools > Configure > Business Data to complete the following fields.


  1. Business Name
  2. Address 1
  3. Address 2 (if necessary)
  4. City, State, and Zip
  5. Country/Fax
  6. Phone/Phone2
  7. Email
  8. Web Address



Credit Card Processing

The RezStream Professional Tools > Configure > CC Processing tab is used for selecting your credit card processor. Please read the paragraph in the following screen shot above the radio buttons carefully. If you have questions about which processor to select for taking real-time payments in RezStream Professional, please contact RezStream support at 303-872-0220. If you are not using real-time credit card processing in RezStream Professional, no action is required under the CC Processing tab.




For additional information on processing credit cards in RezStream Professional, please refer to the RezStream Professional Credit Card Processing Manual, available for download from the RezStream website at:  



The Tools > Configure > Functionality tab controls how RezStream Professional reacts in certain situations. The numbered settings in the following Functionality screen are described below.

 2013-03-20 09_41_34-RezStream Professional Help.png


  1. Ask for Contact Name before opening reservation dialog.

    With this switch turned on, the RezStream Professional Name Search dialog is automatically displayed when entering a new reservation. This is the screen where you can select a guest from history or enter a new guest name while making a reservation.


    With this switch turned off, the program goes directly to the “by the Day Reservation Dialog” screen when making a new reservation. In this scenario, the guest name that initially appears defaults to the last name that was entered when making the last reservation.

    In order to avoid confusion and to remind reservationists to collect guest names and contact information for a new reservation, RezStream recommends leaving the “Ask for Contact Name before opening reservation dialog” switch turned on.

  2. Require referral source entry before closing reservation dialog.

    With this switch turned on, the reservationist cannot continue past the “by the Day Reservation Dialog” screen until a referral source is selected from the drop-down list. Clicking OK at the bottom of the screen will only remind the reservationist that a referral source needs to be chosen before continuing the reservation. Requiring a referral source can help track marketing expenditures and identify successful marketing campaigns.


  3. Use automatic city, state/province fill in by postal code.

    With this switch turned on, the system bypasses the city and state (province) fields when making a new reservation. Instead, the system prompts for a zip (postal) code. After entering the zip code, the system automatically fills in the city and state fields.


  4. Require payment after creating reservation.

    With this switch turned on, the Payment Information screen is displayed after completing fields in the “by the Day Reservation Dialog” screen. By displaying the Payment Information screen, reservationists are reminded to collect an advance deposit.


  5. Default action after print letter or email.

    RezStream Professional can be configured to save guest correspondence. A Contact Log tab is located on the Contact Data screen. This tab is used for keeping a record of emails, letters, phone calls, and any other guest correspondence.


    With the “Default action after print letter or email” radio button set for “Prompt,” the following message is displayed after printing or emailing guest correspondence.


    Clicking Yes at the above prompt adds a line to the Contact Log history.


  6. Check in/Check out defaults.

    Decide check in and check out actions that will occur automatically by selecting options in the Check In and Check Out boxes.


Customizing the Guest Invoice


Choose the invoice type that will be automatically used when printing a guest invoice by selecting the desired radio button in the “Default Invoice selection” section. In the example above, the default invoice type is set to “Invoice with line item detail.” With this radio button selected, the type of invoice that will be printed is the “Detail Invoice” folio. To print a guest invoice, right-click on a reservation from the Daily reservation screen and select the option for “Print Invoice.”


The Select Invoice Style window is displayed. The invoice type in this dialog box defaults to the type selected in the Tools > Configure > Reports window.



A sample detail Invoice is displayed below.




The eight radio buttons in the Select Invoice Style dialog box correspond to the eight radio buttons in the Default Invoice selection section of the Tools > Configure > Reports tab.


From the Reports tab, select checkboxes in the Invoice Options section to control the information that is printed on the guest invoice. An invoice can also be customized with a graphic that will display on the invoice. Click the Pick Invoice Graphic button to browse for a graphic that will be shown on the invoice.




A sample invoice, with a graphic, is displayed below.




The graphic is automatically resized to 520 pixels wide x 400 pixels tall to fit the invoice format.


Customizing the Housekeeping Report

The Housekeeping Options section of the Reports tab controls the fields that are included on the Housekeeping report.




The Housekeeping report is run by selecting the Reports F7 button on the main RezStream Professional toolbar. From the Reports screen, expand the Occupancy Reports by clicking the “+” to the left of the heading and then highlighting the Housekeeping report and pressing the Print button. With the Print Preview box checked and entering report start and end dates when prompted, the report will first display to the screen before printing.




Days Between Housekeeping

From Tools > Configure > Settings, enter the number of days between housekeeping services on multiday stays. Housekeeping is always scheduled on check out day. The number of days entered in this field triggers a room to display on the Housekeeping report.



From RezStream Professional, use the Tools > Configure > Reports tab for:





The Reports2 Tab

The settings in the Reports2 tab control the fields that are displayed on the Arrival,Departure, and Active (guests currently in-house) reports.




These reports are accessed by clicking the Reports F7 button on the main RezStream Professional toolbar and expanding the Occupancy heading.




In the sample Active List report displayed below, private notes have been added to the report.





Specifying the Default Backup Path

From Tools > Configure > Settings, the default backup path controls the default file location for RezStream backups. Every time you exit RezStream Professional, the following prompt is displayed.




Clicking the Yes button creates a .zip file in the specified folder.


Call Accounting Charge Setup

Call accounting is a system interface that posts guest phone calls directly to their folio or invoice. To learn more about automatically posting charges to the guest folio, please contact RezStream sales toll-free at 866-360-8210. From Tools > Configure > Settings, the call accounting section is used for specifying a point of sale category, tax group, and revenue account for all phone calls posted through the call accounting interface.




Cancellation Fee

From Tools > Configure > Settings, specify the default cancellation fee (percentage or dollar amount) to be charged to the guest when a reservation is canceled. A sample reservation cancellation window is displayed below where the property has chosen 10% as its default cancellation fee.





Overview - Settings Tab

From RezStream Professional, the Tools > Configure > Settings tab is used to:






Invoice Text

From Tools > Configure > Settings, the text specified in the “Enter the title that will be printed at the top of an invoice” field is displayed when printing a guest invoice. A sample invoice with the specified text, Folio Charges, is displayed below.



The Settings Tab

Click Tools > Configure > Settings to configure a variety of settings.




Enter a conversion rate allows you to type in a current exchange rate for another country that sends you most of your reservations. This conversion rate can then be attached to letters that calculate the rate. Currently, RezStream Professional only supports one exchange rate.


Enter a title for invoice allows you to enter a unique title at the top of your printed invoices. Lodging industry users will probably use "Folio Charges" or "Guest Charges" and other businesses may use "Receipt." However, you can enter anything you want.


Enter your GST Number is only used if if you charge Goods and Services Tax (typically only in Canada and Europe).


Enter a cancellation fee lets you enter a cancellation amount based on percentage or a fixed amount. If you use the percentage option, make sure you put the % symbol after the amount. There is no need to insert a $ sign when typing in fixed amounts. Simply enter the fixed amount.


Housekeeping Sheet Change Setting lets you specify how many days customers will stay in a rental unit between sheet changes by your housekeeping staff. If you change sheets daily you will not need to set this feature. Note: You can specify whether sheet change information appears on Housekeeping reports by going to Tools > Configure > Reports.


Default Backup Path lets you set a different backup path than the program default setting (C:\Program Files\RezStream).


Audit time for transactions is used to set your audit (transaction cut-off) time. Typically this will be 12:00 AM (midnight), but in some cases this may be set to an earlier time. Once the audit time has been reached, all transactions entered after the audit time will be considered "next day".


Set level for allowing edit invoice on items in the past is used to determine the user access level required in order to edit invoices in the past. By default this setting is 4.


Call Accounting Charge Account Selection is only used if you have purchased the Call Accounting module. If you are using this module, then you can set the POS category and tax group that you use for phone charges. 


User Access Levels

Following is a list that describes each user access level in RezStream Professional.


  1. View Reservations and Guest Data (Allows user to look at information but not to change any data.
  2. Edit Guest Data (Allows a user to edit information in the Contact Data Screen, but not to edit actual reservations.)
  3. Make Reservations and Enter Payments (Allows user to make basic reservations and enter payments.)
  4. Edit Reservations/Daily reports. (User can Edit Reservations and Print Daily Reports.)
  5. Delete Reservation (Allows user to delete reservations)
  6. Gift Certificate (User can create Gift Certificate but manager may sign to authorize Gift Certificate.) Recommended level for average employee.
  7. Multi-day Financial Reports. (User can print monthly and yearly financial data.) Recommended level for experienced employees.
  8. Modify Unit Setup (Allows user to modify Unit Setup) Recommended level for management personnel.
  9. Modify Configuration (Allows user to modify Configuration except Passwords) Recommended level for top management only.
  10. Full Access This level is only recommended for owners. Full access allows users to assign passwords and access all data.


More about adding users to RezStream Professional.


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