Defining Units

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Defining Units

Define units at your property by clicking Tools > Unit and Rate Setup and selecting the Individual Units tab. The first step in defining individual units is to enter the “Number of Active Units” at your property. The “Number of Active Units” is set by clicking the down arrow and selecting a number.




After defining the number of active units at your property, select the first RezStream Professional default room listing (1 W) in the Pick Unit list. Complete the following steps to define units at your property.




  1. Click the Edit Names button and enter a Unit ID (101) that will be seen by reservationists on the Daily screen. Then, enter a Unit Long Name (101 – King) that is a more descriptive name to be used on system reports, guest correspondence, and with the RezStream Booking Engine. Because the Unit Long Name is displayed to Internet guests when displaying availability in the RezStream Booking Engine, RezStream recommends appending the unit type to the room number. In the example below, room 101 is classified as a King room.


  2. Click the Sort button and specify the unit’s sort position on the Reserve by Day screen.


  3. Specify the unit type color. Unit type colors were defined in the Defining Amenities section.


  4. Enter the appropriate unit group in the “Belongs to:” field. For additional information on RezStream Professional unit groups, please review the Defining Unit Groups section.
  5. Assign a rate plan (King) to the unit (101).


  6. Assign a revenue account (Rev Acct).


  7. Enter the unit’s maximum and standard capacities.
  8. Enter checkmarks, where applicable, in the Include in Occupancy Report, Include in Online Availability, and Booking Engine Bookable Unit fields.
  9. Select amenities that describe the unit.


  10. Enter a standard description that can be used on guest correspondence letters. The standard description can also be uploaded to the RezStream Booking Engine and displayed to Internet guests.


  11. Complete steps 1 – 10 for each additional unit.


  12. Click Tools > Display Options > View Options and specify the “Maximum Units to display on the daily screen.”



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