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Download and Install RezStream Professional

Click the following link for downloading a copy of RezStream Professional.


  1. After clicking the above link, save the file, RezStreamDemo.exe, and make note of where you save it on your computer. Once the file is downloaded, click Start > Run and browse to the location where you saved the downloaded file. In the example below, the file was saved to the C:\temp folder. Click the OK button.


  2. At the RezStream Demo screen, click the Continue button.


  3. Next, click the Agree button to accept the End User License Agreement for RezStream Software.


  4. After accepting the End User License Agreement, specify a folder where the RezStream Professional installation files will be extracted (copied) to and click the OK button. In the example below, the RezStream Professional installation files are being extracted to a folder labeled C:\temp\RezStream. Click the OK button to continue.

    2013-03-26 13_43_12-RezStream Professional Help.png

  5. If the folder specified in step #4 does NOT exist, clicking the Yes button at the following prompt will create the folder for you.


  6. Installation files are then extracted to this specified folder.


  7. Once all files are extracted, a message is displayed confirming that the process of extracting the installation files to the specified folder was successful. Click the OK button.


  8. Click Start > Run and then click the Browse button to locate the setup.exe file unzipped in step #4. In this example, the installation files, including setup.exe, were extracted to the C:\temp\RezStream folder. Highlight setup.exe and click the Open button.


    Click OK to launch the RezStream Professional Setup Program.

  9. After launching the Setup Program, files are copied.


  10. If the Setup Program determines that certain Windows operating system files are out of date, the following message is displayed. If this message is displayed, click OK to continue.


    If the above message is NOT displayed, continue to step 13.

  11. Once the required files are copied, the Setup Program prompts for restarting Windows. Save your work in any open applications and click Yes to continue. Your computer will be automatically restarted.

  12. After completing the reboot, click Start > Run to launch the RezStream Setup program. Windows normally remembers the last command run from the Start menu. However, you may have to browse to the setup.exe file using the steps outlined in #8 above.

  13. At the RezStream Setup screen, click the OK button.


  14. Click the Install button to begin the installation.


  15. After reading the RezStream End User License Agreement, click the “I Accept” button.


  16. For new installations, select the radio button for “Install Data File” and click the Continue button. The second option, “Do Not Install Data File,” is only used for properties updating or maintaining their RezStream Professional installation.


  17. The installation program begins copying files to the specified RezStream folder.
  18. Once the installation program finishes updating your system, the RezStream online Help File is launched in a new window. Review the RezStream Preview Policy as well as the listed resources that can assist you in beginning to use RezStream Professional.
  19. Note that the initial system logon password is set to “PASS.” Logon passwords are not case sensitive. Click OK to continue.
  20. If you are converting from an existing property management system, the RezStream Data Conversion Wizard can move existing data into RezStream Professional format. Click the Yes button to launch the RezStream Data Conversion Wizard.
  21. Clicking the Yes button displays the RezStream Conversion Wizard. Click Next to continue and convert data into the RezStream Professional format. A list of supported conversion formats is displayed. Choose the radio button next to the software package that you are importing your data from. Click the Next button. Follow the on-screen instructions in the RezStream Conversion Wizard to complete the data import. For additional information on converting data, please contact RezStream support at 303-872-0220. 



Troubleshooting Installation Problems

RezStream Professional will work on Windows 98SE, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Vista. If you are in the market for a new computer we recommend buying Windows XP Professional. To find out what operating system is on your computer, right click on your "My Computer" icon on your desktop and then left click on "Properties." This screen will tell you what operating system you have and the general processor speed of your computer.


Note the system requirements for RezStream Professional. Some installation problems can relate to the version of Windows that you are running.


Apply all critical Windows updates available. You should update your Windows operating system before attempting to install RezStream Professional by visiting the Windows update site at:

General Installation Problems

If you receive an error that says "file in use" during the installation process, make sure that you are not running any other applications. In particular you should exit any database dependent applications such as Guest Tracker or any other PMS software product.


If you receive a message stating that your system files are out of date, then you should apply all Windows critical updates available. To apply these updates visit the Windows update site at:

Windows 98 Installation Problems

If you have an older version of Windows 98 (First Edition) you may have minor difficulties installing RezStream Professional. This is due to the fact that older Windows 98 systems may lack necessary files for a proper installation of RezStream Professional. To remedy this problem:


  1. Install RezStream Professional and see if it installs completely. You will see our "Preview Screen" at the end of the installation. If you are trying to install RezStream Professional and you are asked to reboot your computer, please do so.
  2. If you think RezStream Professional installed properly but will not launch when you click on the program icon from the Start Menu, proceed to step 3.

  3. If you get the error message "Class Not Registered" when attempting to launch RezStream Professional, try installing the Microsoft Jet4SP3_Comp.exe file that we include in the CD-Rom "Extra" folder. If you downloaded our software, you may download this file from our web site. Or you may get the file at the following link:

    Install the file by double-clicking on it.

  4. If the file successfully installs, try to launch RezStream Professional again.

  5. If RezStream Professional still will not launch, contact RezStream support at
    303-872-0220. There are several more files that we may install to remedy this problem. In addition, your version of Internet Explorer may need to be updated.


Windows 2000 Installation Problems

There are no known installation problems with Windows 2000.


Windows XP Installation Problems

RezStream Professional is a 32 bit application, meaning that it is designed to work with the latest operating systems. There are no known problems with installing RezStream Professional on Windows XP.


Problems Opening RezStream Professional

If you receive an error when opening RezStream Professional, please try the following:


1. Repair your database.

2. If you are running RezStream Professional on a network, confirm that the server is available (the server is the computer that holds the database). Use the following steps to confirm that the server is available.

a. Open My Computer, either from the Start menu or from the Desktop.

b. On the left-hand side of the window is the Task Pane, which should have an icon that says "My Network Places.” Select this icon.

c. Look for a folder that says "RezStream on SERVER", where SERVER is the name of the server that holds the database. Open this folder. If you have problems accessing it, then your connection to the network may have failed. Try rebooting your computer or check that the network cable for your computer is plugged in.

d. If you do not see the folder as mentioned in Step 3, then go to the View menu, select Explorer Bar, and select Folders. You should now see a list of folders on the left hand side of the window.

e. Expand the folder titled Entire Network (click on the plus sign to expand the folder). Expand Microsoft Windows Network. You should now see a list of "workgroups" in your network. Expand each one until you see the name of your server. Click on the icon for your server. If you cannot access any folders on the server then your connection to the network may have failed.

3. Restore from a backup.


Troubleshooting a Slow Database

If your database seems slow, please try the following:

  1. Restart your computer. This is particularly important on operating systems earlier than Windows XP. Typically you should restart your machine at least once a day to maintain maximum performance.

  2. Repair your database by running the RezStream Professional File Utility program.

  3. Check your system for viruses and spyware. Use your anti-virus software to scan all of your hard drives for potential viruses. If you do not find any infection or if your anti-virus software is out of date, consider using the free online virus scanner found at:

  4. Download and install an adware/spyware removal utility such as AdAware ( or SpyBot ( If you find any viruses or spyware, consider installing a firewall on your system to avoid any future infections.

  5. Run the error checking utility on your hard drive. To do this, Select Start > My Computer, or go to your desktop and double-click on the My Computer icon. Right-click on the C:\ drive (usually named Local Disk C) and select Properties. Click the Tools tab, and select Check Now. Select the option for "Automatically fix file system errors", but do not select the option for "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors" as this will take a long time to complete and is usually unnecessary.

  6. Run the defragmentation tool on your hard drive. To do this, Select Start > My Computer, or go to your desktop and double-click on the My Computer icon. Right-click on the C:\ drive (usually named Local Disk C) and select Properties. Click the Tools tab, and select Defragment Now. Click Defragment.

  7. Check the specifications of your computer. RezStream does not recommend running RezStream Professional on any machine that is not at least a Pentium 4 with 128MB of RAM.


Troubleshooting Tips for Unit Rates that do not seem Accurate

  1. Make sure that you have entered the correct prices and dates into the seasonal rates lines under each rate. You do not need to use each of the columns but you must have something in the "Rack" column (the column just to the right of your dates). Do not leave any columns blank. If you charge extra for weekends, that column should only contain the extra dollar amount above and beyond what you enter in the "Rack" column. To set what days are weekends, go to the "Options" tab.

  2. Make sure you have the right tax class assigned to each of your rate names.

  3. Make sure that you do not leave empty fields (blanks) in the "Base Cap" column. The base cap is the number of people the unit rate is based on. Usually this is 2 but may be higher for larger rental units. In the Individual Units tab you can then specify what your maximum capacity is for the rental unit. (Example: Base cap = 2, Maximum capacity = 4) The Base Cap column must have something in it for each and every seasonal rate line, for each and every rate name. Look down the Base Cap columns for each rate and make sure there are no blank lines. Do not leave any blank fields in the "Package" column under unit rate names. "None" is fine, but blank is not.

  4. It is better to leave a 0 in a rate field you are not using than leaving it blank.

  5. Make sure you attach the right rate name to the right individual unit.
    (see Individual Units)

  6. Check your taxes. Note that taxes are entered as a percentage, not a fraction. For example, taxes should be entered as 7.5, NOT .075 .


Troubleshooting Internet Connection Problems

The information below applies to any kind of upload/download to the Internet from within RezStream Professional, including online availability, program updates, and database uploads.


  1. Make sure you are connected to the Internet.

  2. If you use a dial-up connection, it is possible that your modem is disconnecting during the download. To avoid this, open your e-mail client and set it to check for new messages every 10 minutes (or less). This setting can often be found under Tools > Options. Leave your e-mail client open while downloading the update.

  3. If you use a firewall, make sure that it is set to allow RezStream.exe access to the Internet on port 80, 20, and 21. If you do not know how to configure your firewall appropriately, you can try temporarily disabling your firewall while downloading updates. Please see the documentation for your firewall for more information.

  4. If you download an update to RezStream Professional, you may receive this error when the update program begins: "One or more files were not unzipped. The error code is 40." This indicates the download did not successfully complete. Download the update again. 


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    Kyle Avila

    When installing on a server.

    Open the Control Panel -> System -> Advanced System Settings -> Performance -> Data Execution Prevention. Then choose: Turn on DEP or essential Windows programs and services only and Add RezStream. 

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