Installation Tips and Troubleshooting

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Installation Tips and Troubleshooting

Use this section for tips on configuring RezStream Professional. Common troubleshooting questions have also been included.


  1. Do not use commas, quotation marks, or apostrophes when entering customer names, point of sale items, or other data. These characters are used for processing data in the RezStream Professional database and can cause problems when encountered in text fields.
  2. RezStream Professional is an auto-save program. You do not have to click a save button to save data in the program. The exception to this rule is that certain windows and dialog boxes have a Close or Update button. When encountered, click these buttons to save your changes.
  3. If you convert data from another software program into RezStream Professional, you will still have to complete the setup steps described in this document. Unit rates are not converted from other software programs.
  4. Click Tools > Print Options to define a default printer for each type of output generated from RezStream Professional.
  5. Property management is an optional add-on to RezStream Professional and allows condominium properties to track individual owner revenue. For additional information on RezStream Professional’s property management features, please contact RezStream sales toll-free at 866-360-8210.
  6. RezStream offers greater email functionality when used with Microsoft Outlook (not Outlook Express). Microsoft Outlook is included with Microsoft Office. To set Microsoft Outlook as your default mail program, go to Start > Control Panel > Internet Options > Programs and set the email option to Outlook.
  7. RezStream cannot email guest correspondence letters if you use a web based email service (AOL, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc.) as your default mail program. This is due to the fact that the Windows operating system does not recognize web based email when creating and sending messages from RezStream Professional. However, you may copy and paste letters from RezStream into web based email.
  8. You can receive program updates from RezStream by downloading them from within the program. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet and that no other programs are running besides RezStream Professional. Click Help > Support > Download RezStream Update and follow the on-screen instructions. The next time you open the program you will have the latest programming enhancements!



Use the following steps when you encounter a problem copying system files during the installation process.


  1. During installation, if the Setup program determines that certain Windows operating system files are out of date, the following message is displayed. If this message is displayed, click OK to continue.


  2. After clicking OK, the RezStream Professional installation program attempts to copy updated operating system files to your PC. Once the required files are copied, the Setup program prompts for restarting Windows. Save your work in any open applications and click Yes to continue. Your computer will be automatically restarted.


  3. After restarting your computer and launching the Setup program, the system may again identify that certain operating system files are out of date. When this happens, RezStream recommends performing all critical Windows system updates. Windows system updates can be downloaded from Microsoft at: 
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