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How do I setup RezStream Professional PMS so I can start using the program?


There are several ways you can access information that helps you setup the RezStream Professional software. There is a RezStream Professional User’s Manual available on our website at:


You may also access step by step help files from within the RezStream Professional program that show detailed information about how to setup the program.


Is there any specific order I should follow when I setup RezStream Professional?


Yes. Please visit the topic Configuration Steps and read the Installation Guides/Setup Guides that are available on the RezStream website. Note that each configuration step builds upon previous steps and they must be done in exact order.


How do I get program updates for RezStream Professional?


Users can download the latest version of RezStream Professional directly from within the program. To download an update, please follow these steps:


  1. First, make sure you are connected to the Internet and you have closed any other programs that are running.
  2. Within RezStream Professional, go to the top toolbar and click Help > Support > Download RezStream Update. RezStream Professional will automatically download the latest program and reports update.
  3. When the download is finished, close out of RezStream Professional. Do not simply minimize the program.
  4. You will then see a series of update boxes pop up on your desktop screen. Click on them, one at a time, and answer "Yes" or "Continue."
  5. The next time you open RezStream Professional, you will have the latest version.


Do I need to enter dollar signs and percentage signs when I enter my unit charges or financial policies?


There is no need to enter dollar amount signs before you enter dollar amounts in the program. However, if you enter percentages, you need to include the percentage icon after the percentage amount. (Example: 10%)


When entering customer information, payments, and referral source information, what format should I follow?


You may type in most anything. However, do not use commas, quotation marks, or apostrophes. Databases use these characters for special functions and you can cause an error in the database by using these characters. In addition, try to make referral source names and holiday names as brief as possible.


Where can I buy a credit card reader or bar code scanner?


The sales team at RezStream sells both of these items. Call us at: 866-360-8210 or visit our website for more details:


What do I need to do to process credit cards via an Internet connection?


You must have a full-time (24/7) Internet connection to process credit cards online. We recommend using a high-speed Internet connection (e.g. cable or DSL). In addition, you must sign up for a merchant account with one of the companies that RezStream Professional is compatible with. View the help file topic on Credit Card Processing for more information. How do I sign up for the RezStream Booking Engine?


What are the requirements for using this additional module?


Please review the help file topic on the RezStream Booking Engine for more information. In order to use the RezStream Booking Engine you must have a high-bandwidth connection (e.g. DSL or cable). Please contact RezStream sales at 866-360-8210 for additional information.


How do I sign up for online availability?


RezStream offers a free web module that links to several well known online availability companies. View our help file topic on Online Availability to learn more about this subject and contact information for the companies RezStream links to. You must contact these companies directly to set up an account with them.


Which online availability companies does RezStream Professional link to?


We currently link to the RezStream Booking Engine, Webervations, InnRes, Availability Online, WorldRes, and Inntopia.


What computer system requirements are best for RezStream? Do you have a Mac version?


RezStream Professional is a very powerful program and we recommend that you install it on the fastest computer that you own. The specific requirements for using RezStream Professional are listed below. When possible, you should meet these recommendations.


  • Operating System: Windows 98 Second Edition or newer (Windows XP Professional is recommended)
    • Windows XP Home can be used but is NOT recommended in a networked environment.
  • Processor: Pentium 4 1.7GHz or newer (Pentium 4 2.4GHz recommended)
  • RAM: 256 MB or greater (512 MB recommended)
  • Hard Drive: 1GB of available hard disk space (10GB or larger hard disk recommended)
  • Display: 17" monitor at 1024 x 768 resolution or greater.
  • Drives: CD-ROM drive (CD-RW recommended)
  • Internet Connection: 56K modem (required for program updates).or 24/7 high-speed connection (required for optional RezStream Booking Engine and credit card processing modules)
  • Network (optional): 10 Mbit network connection (100 Mbit wired connection recommended)
  • Recommended Items :
    • Mouse with scroll wheel
    • Removable storage, such as CD/RW Drive , Zip drive, or USB key drive
    • Microsoft Outlook - full version (for expanded email capabilities)


RezStream is compatible with the PC platform. There is no Mac version of RezStream.


Is RezStream Professional really as visual and flexible as you claim?


Absolutely! RezStream Professional allows users to visually drag and drop reservations, extend stays, check in and check out guests, take payments, split reservations, take rooms out of service, all from the Reserve Day (daily reservation) screen. RezStream Professional also allows users to reserve rooms by the day and hour. Our point of sale features includes bar-coding for businesses that have a large sales inventory. Reports and letters can be added and modified as needed. Custom reports are also available. Furthermore, the program can be modified to excel in a wide variety of business situations. RezStream Professional allows users to customize the program so that individual business needs are easily met. We have taken advantage of the latest programming technology to create a next generation property management program.


Do you offer free data conversion from other programs?


RezStream Professional ships with a built in "data conversion wizard." This wizard allows users to transfer existing data at no charge from other software programs into RezStream Professional. This transfer then allows the user to preview our product while looking at their existing information. The data conversion wizard also serves the purpose of transferring data from other software programs once you decide to purchase our product. You simply run the transfer again and begin using RezStream Professional.


Our data conversion wizard transfers data from the following products: Avail, Easy Innkeeping 1.6 (Names only), Guest Tracker, Innkeeper, InnPal, Innovation, RezBook, ResDB, ROS 2000 (names only), and WinROOM. We also allow you to convert names and address from other programs by using the text import utility included with the conversion wizard. We do not charge for data conversion from the data conversion wizard.


For additional Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s), please visit the RezStream website at:

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