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Overview - RezStream Professional

RezStream Professional is a full-featured property management program.


RezStream Professional is flexible and can be used in multiple business applications. The software can streamline your daily or hourly reservations, point of sale inventory, financial reporting, letter writing and marketing needs.


The following is a list of some of RezStream Professional's key features:


  • Visual based reservations screens for daily and/or hourly rentals. Reservations can be moved, extended, or changed using the visual reservation screen!

  • You decide which colors to use on the reservation screen. Keep track of full payment vs. partial payment reservations just by viewing the color on the reservation screen!

  • Program themes help you decide how the overall look of the program is determined.

  • RezStream Professional can be used to run multiple properties from the same program.

  • Manage up to 1100 units using daily reservations, hourly reservations, or a combination of both.

  • Detailed point of sale program, featuring bar coding, for businesses that need to track larger inventories. Use this feature or just use the basic point of sale interface. Bar coding functionality is there if you need it.

  • Ability to add unlimited taxes, package deals, seasonal rates, discounts, and other diverse options.

  • Unlimited letter construction with ability to change letters after they are designed.

  • Ability to e-mail clients and select very specific groups within your data base for marketing purposes.

  • Detailed reporting and financial information. Keep track of basic financial data. Adjust rates based on comparison reports.

  • Web module for on-line availability with participating companies is included in the base price of the RezStream Professional software.

  • Free Data Conversion Wizard that transfers your data into RezStream Professional. Preview our program with your existing data inserted!

  • Affordable networking options. 



Overview - Launching RezStream Professional

After successfully completing the installation steps listed in the Download and Install RezStream Professional section of the Help File, click Start > RezStream to launch RezStream Professional.




At the User Sign On window, enter the default Administrator password, PASS. The logon password is NOT case sensitive.




After logging onto RezStream Professional, review the Configuration Overview page and then complete the following basic setup tasks.



  1. Add Business Data.
  2. Set the default screen size.
  3. Change the Administrator password.
  4. Define which payment types are accepted at your property.


Additional resources for new RezStream Professional users:


Logging On

Use the following steps for logging on to RezStream Professional.


  1. Click Start > RezStream.

    2013-03-25 17_16_02-RezStream Professional Help.png

  2. The User Sign On window is displayed. Here, select your RezStream Professional user name from the drop down menu and enter your password.

    2013-03-25 17_16_09-RezStream Professional Help.png

  3. Click the OK button to logon to RezStream Professional.


For additional information about configuring RezStream Professional user names and passwords, please review the Adding Users in RezStream Professional section.



Navigating RezStream Professional

The primary way you navigate around RezStream Professional is to use the icons
that run down the left-hand side of the screen. Once finished in one screen, click on another icon and your changes made in the former screen will be saved.


RezStream Professional has almost no features that require a double-click for access. However, you may right click on any reservation on the Reserve Day screen to get a detailed list of all the ways you can change or access that reservation. This is the fastest way to get a complete list of editing options.


RezStream Professional has a built in "auto save" feature. You will not see buttons that require you to click on them to save data that you enter into the program. Simply move to another screen in the program or click on any other field and your current data will be saved. Some screens do have a "close" button at the bottom of them. In this case, use this button to close out a screen.


It is possible to do many of the same tasks from a variety of screens. Take time to place your mouse cursor over toolbar icons and to learn how you may accomplish tasks from a variety of screens.


Use the Search menu. On most screens, the search menu will allow you to search by items like confirmation #, credit card number, etc.


Important Keyboard Shortcuts

These shortcuts are worth learning and can make moving around RezStream Professional easier.

From All Screens

 2013-03-25 17_18_10-RezStream Professional Help.png

Reserve Day Screen

 2013-03-25 17_18_18-RezStream Professional Help.png

Reserve Hour Screen

 2013-03-25 17_18_25-RezStream Professional Help.png

Point of Sale Screen

 2013-03-25 17_18_31-RezStream Professional Help.png

Contact Data Screen

 2013-03-25 17_18_38-RezStream Professional Help.png

Select Names Screen

 2013-03-25 17_18_44-RezStream Professional Help.png

Special Shortcuts

Sort by Available Unit

Left click and drag to the right across the dates at the top of the Reserve Day screen to sort your list of rental units and move your available units to the top of the grid. Click on the word "Unit" in the sort area to restore your normal unit order display.

Open Wait List

Right click on the dates at the top of the Reserve Day screen to access the Wait List feature. You may then enter a customer into a wait list for a completely booked time period. If another customer cancels a reservation for that time, the wait list will then appear with the previously entered name available.


Configuration Overview

Before you can use RezStream Professional it is necessary to complete the Configuration/Setup process. This process is mandatory for customizing the program to meet your individual business needs. The Configuration/Setup process will take you through all the steps necessary to set up basic business information, individual taxes, tax class groupings, packages, point of sale inventory, unit rates and seasons, and unit setup.


RezStream Professional can accommodate up to 1100 daily rental units, hourly rental units, or any combination of the two. RezStream Professional supports unlimited individual taxes and tax class groupings. In addition, you can operate several properties from one location. RezStream Professional also allows users to customize the program to look and operate in a manner that changes for different types of businesses.

Important Configuration Tips

When you set up RezStream Professional to adapt to your business situation, do not randomly delete the demo information in different database fields unless you intend to replace it with your own data. Databases can lose their cohesiveness if data fields are randomly left blank. The rule of thumb is that if you do not use a feature in RezStream Professional and you see information in a data field, leave it alone. When you set up any point of sale items and you do not know what your price for an item will be, or your price fluctuates, set the price to 0. Do not leave the price field empty.


RezStream Professional is an auto-save program. That means you do not have to click "save" buttons to save information you type into the program. The exception to this rule is that some screens do have a "close" button at the bottom. In this case, click on the close buttons to exit these screens.


Gather data on all the individual taxes that exist where you do business. RezStream Professional supports unlimited individual taxes and unlimited grouping of taxes. Some businesses are subject to only one or two taxes. Other businesses will have many different taxes that need to be grouped together for different types of purchases, as lodging may have one set of taxes and retail sales may have another. Knowing what taxes exist in your area will help you when you set up individual taxes and then later group them together so that they can always be applied to different types of customer purchases.


You will need to know the rates you charge for rental items. Businesses in the lodging industry will need to know how many different rates exist at any one given time. Knowing these rates before you begin configuration will assist you when you enter your rates into RezStream Professional. 



Add Business Data

Click Tools > Configure > Business Data and type the information in the fields that correspond to your business, including your business contact information.


Note: You may type over the sample data preinstalled in the RezStream Professional software or delete it.


If you have more than one business, enter the main business address. You can then add different business groups in Tools > Unit Setup > Unit Groups.



The Business Data tab is used to define your business address and other contact information, for example, email and website address. For customers taking advantage of online reservations via the RezStream Booking Engine, this information is transferred directly to the RezStream Booking Engine Online Administrative Interface. For additional information about online reservations, please contact RezStream sales toll-free at 866-360-8210. 


Go to Tools > Configure > Business Data to complete the following fields.


  1. Business Name
  2. Address 1
  3. Address 2 (if necessary)
  4. City, State, and Zip
  5. Country/Fax
  6. Phone/Phone2
  7. Email
  8. Web Address




Payments Accepted

Click Tools > List Edit > Payments to define the types of payments accepted at your property. Only enter a checkmark in the "CC" column if the payment type is a credit card. Selecting the CC option determines whether or not the Credit Card Processing window appears when a payment is taken.





Change the Administrator Password

The default Administrator password, PASS, was set during installation. Use the following steps for changing the default password.


  1. Click Tools > Configure and select the Users tab.


  2. The default users, Administrator and Front Desk, are listed in the User Access Levels and Passwords table.
  3. Left-click the mouse in the Password column for the Administrator and enter a four character alpha and/or numeric password.


  4. Click the Close button.
  5. Use the new password the next time you logon to RezStream Professional. 


Set the Default Screen Size

In order to resize the RezStream Professional interface to fit your screen, click Tools > Display Options and select the View Options tab.




Use the radio buttons to select the appropriate Program Screen Size (resolution).




After selecting the appropriate screen size, click the Close button. In order for the program screen size to update, click File > Exit and click the No button when prompted for making a system backup.




Exit the program and then restart RezStream Professional by clicking Start > RezStream.


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