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Data Conversion Wizard

RezStream Professional includes a built-in data conversion wizard. This feature serves several important functions. First, you can transfer your existing data into RezStream Professional and then preview our product with your existing data. If you choose to do a data conversion from another program, it will not affect the data in that program. Second, you can do a data transfer before you setup RezStream Professional for actual use. This transfer will bring across important data so that it may not have to be entered again.



Note: When you finish installing RezStream Professional for the first time, the Data Conversion Wizard will appear. If you would like to convert your existing program data into RezStream Professional, select the current program that you use from the choices provided.


RezStream’s data conversion wizard transfers data from the following property management systems:

  • Avail
  • Guest Tracker
  • Easy Innkeeping 1.6 (names only)
  • Innkeeper
  • InnPal
  • Innovation
  • ResDB
  • RezBook (names only)
  • ROS 2000
  • WinROOM




Please call RezStream support at 303-872-0220 if the program you currently use is not included in this list. RezStream also converts contact information from other programs. Contact RezStream support for more information about custom conversions.


Important Conversion Information

  • You can also perform a data conversion after the initial RezStream Professional installation. To access the Data Conversion Wizard, click Start > Programs > RezStream > RezStream Conversion Wizard.

  • If you are converting more than once, and do not wish to overwrite your unit rate information, select "No" (see image below). Keep in mind that some data, such as taxes, room descriptions, room amenities, and other information (including contact and reservation information) will be overwritten by the data from your existing property management system. Because of this, we recommend only doing a test conversion first, and then doing a final conversion when you are ready to switch to RezStream Professional.


  • Choosing to do a data conversion will not affect the current data in your existing property management software. You may also do multiple data conversions as needed.
  • Each separate data conversion will wipe out the setup data that you have previously added into RezStream Professional. Therefore, we recommend that you do a complete setup of RezStream Professional after your final data conversion.
  • Unit Rate information will be saved if you do multiple conversions from your previous software program. Select "No" when the data conversion wizard prompts you to purge existing rate information. However, it is recommended that you backup your RezStream Professional database first in the event that you accidentally choose the incorrect option. In addition, you will need to re-enter your tax information after converting. 

Data Conversion from Guest Tracker

RezStream’s Conversion Wizard, accessed through Start > Programs > RezStream > RezStream Conversion Wizard, can convert existing Guest Tracker data into RezStream Professional without harming or deleting any Guest Tracker data. Once the conversion has taken place, the data is not deleted from the Guest Tracker program, so any information that is not converted will still be accessible in the Guest Tracker program. An extensive list of what is and is not transferred in the conversion can be found in this document.


Strategies for a Smooth Transition from Guest Tracker to RezStream

The following are a few conversion methods you can follow which will help make your transition from Guest Tracker to RezStream Professional a smooth one. Choose one of the conversion methods below based on your specific needs.


  1. Convert your data into RezStream Professional and enter the actual data into both the RezStream Professional and Guest Tracker programs simultaneously. While this may seem redundant, this is probably the best option because it familiarizes you with RezStream Professional while keeping your data intact on both a familiar and an unfamiliar system.
  2. Convert data from Guest Tracker and then immediately stop using the Guest Tracker program. Start using RezStream Professional immediately after it is setup.
  3. Use the RezStream Professional demo database for testing/learning purposes only, entering dummy data into RezStream Professional to familiarize yourself with the program. Once you feel comfortable, you can undertake a full data conversion and begin using RezStream Professional exclusively.
  4. Do an initial conversion from Guest Tracker to RezStream Professional for testing/learning purposes only, entering dummy data into RezStream Professional. When you are familiar with RezStream Professional, do a second, final conversion.

NOTE! If you choose option 3 or 4, then you should only enter Unit Rate configuration information into RezStream Professional. All other configuration information, guest information, and reservation information will be wiped out when you run the conversion again.


What Data Gets Converted?

The following is a list of all of the information that is easily converted to RezStream Professional.

  • Units, including associated descriptions, capacities, names, etc.
  • Reservations, including split reservations. (Group reservations are converted, but there are some issues with this process.)
  • Contact information, including associated addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and credit card numbers.
  • Payments, deposits, and refunds, along with all charges.
  • Tax names.
  • All notes fields.
  • All custom fields. Note that some custom fields are transferred to the notes fields in RezStream when an exact match between fields does not exist.
  • Guest Tracker revenue accounts (accounts used for items that are NOT considered lodging can be found under point of sale in RezStream after the conversion).
  • Charge items (point of sale items).
  • All rates attached to existing reservations.
  • Customer interests.
  • Sources of contact.
  • Web module settings.

What Data Does Not Get Converted?

Some information simply cannot be converted from Guest Tracker to RezStream Professional due to compatibility differences between the programs. The following is a list of the information that is not converted from Guest Tracker to RezStream Professional. Remember that this information is not lost, it simply needs to be added to RezStream Professional during configuration.


  • Seasonal rates.
  • The list of Guest Tracker package prices (this information must be entered into the Unit Rate Plan section of RezStream).
  • Letters and reports.
  • The Guest Tracker wait list.
  • "Out of service" entries in your occupancy map.


Converting Data from Guest Tracker to RezStream Professional

You are now ready to convert your data from Guest Tracker into RezStream Professional. Please read the instructions first, and begin the conversion once you are comfortable with the guidance. As with any process, remember to follow every step, as skipping steps may lead to a rough transition and the loss of data.


  1. Download the free RezStream Professional demonstration from the RezStream website or request a CD.
  2. Determine revenue accounts used for lodging in GT. This information can be found in Guest Tracker by going to Admin > Revenue Accounts. This step is very important.
  3. Run all three Guest Tracker Database Utilities (Verify, Compact and Analyze) to eliminate any possible corruption in the Guest Tracker database before the conversion. Most Guest Tracker users are familiar with doing this and this utility can be found by going to Start > Programs > Guest Tracker > Database Utilities.
  4. Determine the location of the Guest Tracker database. Within Guest Tracker, select File > Database Info. Write down the information you see here, e.g. "C:\Tracker\".
  5. Close both Guest Tracker and RezStream Professional before starting the conversion. This step is very important. Note: your Guest Tracker data will not be affected in any way by the conversion.
  6. From your computer’s start menu go to Start > Programs > RezStream > RezStream Conversion Wizard and click Next.
  7. If you are using Guest Tracker on a network, you may need to change the path to the data file. At the prompt "Select the path to the data file," change the database path to the path noted in step 4. Click Next, then click Do Conversion.
  8. You will be prompted with a message "Purge Unit Rates"? You should choose "Yes" unless you have already set up rates in RezStream Professional. You will need the revenue information from step 2. Click Next.
  9. When prompted, enter your tax rates.
  10. When prompted, enter your property information.
  11. At the Select Lodging Revenue Accounts dialog, select the first account that is used for lodging revenue (as established in Step 2), and click on the >>> arrows to move the account name to the right. Repeat for each account that is used for lodging revenue and then click Continue.
  12. Once the conversion has completed, open RezStream and create new individual taxes, tax class groups, and unit rates before making any new reservations.
  13. For information about setting up RezStream Professional, please see the setup guide on our website at:
  14. To move letters from Guest Tracker to RezStream Professional, please do the following:
    1. Open Guest Tracker and navigate to Reports > Form Letters (only Letters are easily transferable).
    2. Select Edit > Select All, then Edit > Copy.
    3. Open RezStream Professional and navigate to Tools > Letter Design. Select the appropriate Style and Category (e.g. Style = Standard, Category = No Payment for a confirmation letter when the guest has not paid a deposit), or select Single No Style if you do not wish to define letters by "style."
    4. Select Edit > Paste. e. Change any database codes (displayed between < >, e.g. <NAME>) to use the codes in RezStream Professional. Since the codes in Guest Tracker and RezStream Professional are different, the GT codes will no longer function. You can use the CODES menu at the top center of the screen to view and select from all available codes.  



Import a Text File

The RezStream Conversion Wizard includes a basic ASCII import capability that allows you to transfer people’s names and similar information from other sources. For example, you may want to import a list of people that inquired about your property through a local newspaper. This import capability is located in the RezStream Data Conversion Wizard. Access the Conversion Wizard by clicking Start > Programs > RezStream > RezStream Conversion Wizard. Any information imported into RezStream will not overwrite existing contacts in your RezStream database, even if those names already exist.


Creating a File that is Importable into RezStream

The names/addresses to be imported must be stored in an ASCII comma separated file, sometimes referred to as a comma delimited file. This file should have the .CSV or a .TXT file extension. Most database and mailing list programs provide export capabilities using this industry standard format. For example, Microsoft Outlook offers an export feature which can be accessed by selecting File > Import and Export.


The contents of the ASCII file should appear something like this when opened in Notepad or WordPad:


"First Name," "Last Name, " Address," "City," "State," "Zip," "First Name1," "Last Name1," "Address1," "City1," "State1," "Zip1," "First Name2," "Last Name2," "Address2," "City2," "State2," "Zip2."


Some programs provide an option to export the field names as the first record, which will be useful during the import process. It is also recommended that you do a backup before the import to be sure that the import is producing the desired results. If you import thousands of names into your current RezStream database, there is no easy way to undo the operation.


Importing Names from a Text File into RezStream

  1. Export the information from your existing program into an ASCII comma separated file (.csv or .txt extension) and remember the location and folder where you saved the file.
  2. Open the Data Conversion Wizard (Start > Programs > RezStream > RezStream Conversion Wizard) and click on the ‘Comma Delimited text file’ option and click Next.
  3. Specify the path of the text file that you would like to import into RezStream Professional and click Next.
  4. The Import Utility will appear and the first line of the import file will have the fields listed in the file preview frame. Use this as a guide to match the RezStream Professional database variables with the corresponding fields in the text file. Make sure the total number of fields in the text file is equal to the total number in the list of RezStream Professional fields to import data into and that the fields correspond with each other.
  5. The list on the left displays the available fields in the RezStream Professional database.

    The list in the middle indicates the fields from the RezStream Professional database that will have data imported into them. These fields must be in the same order as the fields in the ASCII import file (shown in the Text File Preview on the right).

    The list on the right shows the structure of the text file you are importing from. Again, it is very important that the fields in the middle are in an order that matches up with the fields on the right.


    The Insert >> button will insert a field from the list on the left above the highlighted line on the list in the middle.

    The Append >> button adds the highlighted field in the middle list to the end of the list. Double clicking on a field in the middle list appends it to the end of the list.

    Use the ‘Skip’ for unwanted fields. For example, if you do not have a "Company" entry in the file you are importing from, simply insert the Skip field next to this entry.

  6. Select from the available Import Options.

    Convert to Upper/Lower Case: If the names in the import file are all upper case, the Convert to Upper/Lower Case option will capitalize the first character of each name.

    Set Relationship To: Select the relationship that you’d like to set for the imported names.

    Set Source To: Select the source that you'd like to set for the imported names.

    Notes Prefix: If a ‘Notes’ field is chosen, you have the ability to specify a prefix for that notes field in the Import Options frame. For example, "Credit Card Number: " would be an informative prefix for a credit card number field to be inserted into the notes field in RezStream Professional.


  7. Click the Import button to start the import process.
  8. The progress meter will appear and will track the scanning operation.
  9. When the scan is complete, the results will be displayed in spreadsheet format, which can be browsed to ensure that the fields are correct and the data did not shift to an undesired field.

    If shifting occurred to an undesired field, you may need to open the import file in Notepad or WordPad and locate the field where the shifting occurred and remove any unwanted characters such as commas (,) or quotations ("). These characters commonly cause the data to shift because they are used as delimiters.

    Note: You can stop the process at any time by clicking the Cancel command button.

  10. If you are sure the data is correct and the data will be inserted in the correct fields, click the ‘Commit’ button to actually import the data into your RezStream Professional database. 



Exporting a Custom List

Custom lists can be created from the Select Names (<CONTROL> + <F>) screen. After creating a custom list, it can be exported by clicking the Export Selection to File icon at the top of the Select Names screen.


After clicking the export icon, an “Include No Mail?” dialog box will display asking if you want to include contacts that have been flagged to not receive mailings. Answer yes or no. This answer determines whether or not contacts with the "MAIL OK" checkbox (located on the left-hand side of the Contact Data screen) NOT checked will be exported to the file.




Next, the Complete dialog box is displayed. Here, the name of the export file and its location is displayed.




The export file can then be emailed or opened in Microsoft Word, Access, or Excel. 




Exporting Data to your Pocket PC

You may export your data from RezStream Professional to your pocket PC by clicking the Export to Pocket Rez icon located on the row of icons at the top of the Daily screen.




Alternatively, from the top toolbar of RezStream Professional, go to File > Pocket PC > Export to Pocket PC.




From the Export to Pocket PC screen, there are two options for performing the export: Normal Export or Complete Export. If this is the first time that you are exporting information to your pocket PC, select the Complete Export option.



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