Differences between RezOvation Desktop and RezStream Professional

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RezStream Professional Features Comparison with RezOvation Desktop*

Product ComparisonRezOvation Desktop

  2006.1.5 and older
RezStream Professional

  2007.0.4 and newer
All features in RezOvation Desktop* 2006.1.5 and older
Most features currently in RezOvation Booking Engine*  2.0
RezStream Booking Engine 3.0
Click here for RezStream Booking Engine 3.0 features
RezStream Professional Features
Add multiple packages to daily, hourly, and stand alone invoices NO
Revenue accounts and reporting NO
More group reservation features (reserve without clicking and dragging, no limit on number of rooms, adjust rate capabilities, and more) NO
Reserve unlimited rental rooms, or combinations of rental types, at one time, and adjust rate in advance NO
Custom invoice fields print on all occupancy reports NO
Multiple deposits settings NO
Larger Contact Data screen displays more information.  New invoice item tab and payment history tab. NO
View and print all remaining availability from Daily screen NO
Expanded "out of service" features NO
Additional invoice options for package sales NO
Reservation reports that print any date range on a single page? NO
New housekeeping reports with notes and additional sales items NO
New overdue and 2nd deposit reports NO
Print Daily screen by week and two week views NO
Select printer tray when printing NO
Custom envelope creation NO
Easier to copy additional specific rate seasons and delete old rate seasons – Rate Season Wizard NO
Supports four age groups options NO
New age group options with enhanced package functionality NO
New letter codes for the two new age groups referenced above NO
A new "Rate" trigger allows the easy creation of "inclusive packages"  that maintain a unique unit rate when combined with other package items NO
New package invoices "Daily package invoice plus POS" and "Package summary plus POS" NO
Two extra invoices allow you to hide items with "zero values" or hide "package quantities" NO
Package options to create special daily rates, per person charges, per stay charges, and more NO
Apply daily rates or hourly rates as a "one time per stay."  NO
New package letter codes for sending confirmation letters with detailed package information NO
Utilize "dynamic packaging" (packages with multiple items and triggers for frequency) from within the RezStream Booking Engine 3.0 NO
Online guests can also book multiple packages and packages with special unit rates NO
Create additional person charges of up to four age groups NO
Ability to charge per person per day, per person per stay, and other options as either a unit rate or a package rate NO
Reserve any hourly unit more quickly. Select from multiple rate plans, add packages, or create recurring hourly reservations from one screen! NO
Hourly occupancy reports, a new shift change payment report, and housekeeeping reports. NO
Edit Invoice discount features. NO
Sell gift certificates online and download directly into RezStream Professional. NO
Split billing module and payments NO
Direct billing module NO

* This comparison chart reflects features available through May 15, 2006. Subsequent changes made by RezOvation *may not appear on this chart above.
*RezStream is not affiliated with, connected to, sponsored by, or endorsed by RezOvation.

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