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Looking for great service and flexible pricing? RezStream is constantly adding updates to RezStream Professional and offers low flat fee online booking fees.  In addition, if you switch from RezOvation Desktop to RezStream Professional there is no data to convert, no new program to learn, and you get all the features you have been waiting for.

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know how pleased I am to be back with the guys (Bill Mitchell and Alan Whittern) who originally created RezOvation Desktop. Once you left to start RezStream, it seemed like the progress ended.  I decided to convert to RezStream Professional.  Every week I am finding features in RezStream that you have added. I am using your credit card module, your booking engine and I am exporting to QuickBooks. These features of RezStream have allowed me to automate my office so I spend less time with mundane tasks and more time with the guests. Your support staff is extremely knowledgeable and I was able to switch in less than an hour! “
Rick Rizza | The Inn at Montpelier | Montpelier, Vermont

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Frequently asked questions about RezOvation and RezStream.

Q. Is there a connection between RezStream and RezOvation?
A. Bill Mitchell, RezOvation’s co-creator and former Chief Operating Officer, and Alan Whittern, RezOvation’s co-creator and former Chief Technical Officer, separated from RezOvation in 2005 to unveil RezStream, a new guest management software company with a focus on diverse property types, both small and large in size.

Q. What is the history of both companies?
A. The owners of RezStream, Alan Whittern and Bill Mitchell, were the original owners and creators of the RezOvation software product. They created RezOvation 2002 and RezOvation 2003 which was renamed RezOvation Desktop (1) when their company merged with Munsenware (Guest Tracker) (2), owned by Eric Goldreyer, to form RezOvation, LLC. They continued to enhance RezOvation Desktop (1) until splitting from RezOvation, LLC to form RezStream. Both companies, RezOvation, LLC and RezStream, Inc. have license to modify and develop the source code as it existed at the time of the split. RezStream, Inc. rebranded the source code as RezStream Professional, which contained all of the features that where in RezOvation Desktop (1) at the time of the split. Since that time, Alan and Bill have remained committed to developing RezStream Professional by adding many new features and enhancements that did not exist at the time of their separation from RezOvation, LLC.

Q. Who is the management team at RezStream?
A. Alan Whittern, President and Chief Technical Officer and co-owner of RezStream, has unparalleled experience in designing and marketing property management software. He previously created WinROOM, Avail and RezOvation, proven guest management systems of the last 15 years. Alan is the creator of RezStream Professional and heads our development team. Bill Mitchell, Chief Operating Officer and co-owner of RezStream, manages all daily operations for the company. Bill previously served as Chief Operating Officer for RezOvation and Mesa Creek. No one knows the history of both products better than Bill. His multi-dimensional hospitality expertise is vital to RezStream’s clients and customers who switch from RezOvation Desktop.

Q. I’m a smaller business. Will RezStream work for me?
A. Absolutely! We have added numerous new features to benefit both small and large properties. RezStream has clients with just a couple rental units and larger properties with hundreds of rental units. Our products and services are specifically designed for smaller independent hospitality businesses.

Q. How difficult is it to upgrade to RezStream Professional?
A. Once you purchase RezStream Professional from our sales team, we will help you download a special update that will re-brand your software and provide all the updates we have added to RezStream Professional the past two years. This process can take as little as five minutes! Once the update is applied, you may use RezStream Professional immediately. There is no data conversion necessary.

Q. If I upgrade to RezStream Professional will I have to learn a new program?
A. Absolutely not! As RezStream Professional is based upon the same original programming code, the original functionality of the program will not change. However, there will be numerous new features to make everyday tasks even easier.

Q. What new features have you added to RezStream Professional?
A. We have added numerous features to RezStream Professional. Find out more by looking at our feature comparison page.

Q. What new features have you added to RezStream Booking Engine 3.0?
A. We released the new RezStream Booking Engine. We have continued to enhance the booking engine since that time. The newest addtion is the ability to sell gift certificates from your own website without paying high commission fees.

Q. What must I do to upgrade to the new RezStream Booking Engine?
A. Once we complete your update to RezStream Professional, we will guide you through the process to switch to the RezStream Booking Engine. You will need to upload your existing data to our system and replace your existing website links with our new RezStream Booking Engine website links. Our support team will help through the entire process to ensure the transition runs smoothly.

Q. If I am still using Munsenware’s Guest Tracker, can I work with RezStream?
A. Of course! RezStream offers full data conversions from Guest Tracker. In addition, one of the original developers of Munsenware’s Guest Tracker, James Glinsek, is now a senior level developer for RezStream! RezStream also provides unlock codes to Guest Tracker 3.0 through 3.5 (2) users assigned to RezStream and provides full data transfers from GT. For your benefit, RezStream has added a number of Guest Tracker (2) specific features to RezStream Professional. Some of these features include: revenue accounts, revenue account reports, conversion custom invoice fields, printing of custom invoice fields on all occupancy reports, ability to add multiple packages to daily, hourly, and stand alone invoices, double deposits, Guest Tracker (2) style reservation reports that print for date ranges and print date ranges on a single sheet of paper, and much more. There has never been a better time to switch to RezStream Professional!

Q. I currently use an online availability calendar from a third party provider. Does RezStream support third party availability calendars?
A. Absolutely! RezStream supports the same availability calendar providers with the exception of RezTracker. (We discontinued support for RezTracker in our 2007 update.) Once you upgrade to RezStream Professional, your availability system will continue to function as always.

Q. I currently use the credit card processing module, or property management module, or call accounting module. Will these modules still work if I upgrade to RezStream?
A. Yes! If you are using ANY module, it will continue to function as it does now. You will not have to re-configure the existing modules.

Q. Does RezStream offer any other products?
A. Yes! RezStream also offers website design, hosting, and Internet marketing to drive more traffic and revenue through your website.

Q. How do I contact RezStream?
A. Our normal business hours are 8AM to 5PM, Monday through Friday, MST. After hours support is available for an additional fee. We are happy to answer your questions!

(1) RezOvation Desktop is a TM of RezOvation, LLC
(2) Guest Tracker is a TM of RezOvation, LLC

RezStream is not affiliated with, connected to, sponsored by, or endorsed by RezOvation.

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