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Munsenware Guest Tracker property management software by RezOvation

On October 1, 2004, all Guest Tracker (GT) products were retired by RezOvation, LLC. Since that time, RezStream seperated from RezOvation - seeRezOvation FAQ RezStream/RezOvation FAQ. At the time of the split, customers were divided between the two companies and many Guest Tracker users became RezStream customers.

RezStream does not sell Guest Tracker products but offers upgrades from Guest Tracker to RezStream Professional. RezStream also provides service (unlock codes) to it’s Guest Tracker 3.5 customers. In the past two years, RezStream has added many additional Guest Tracker features to RezStream Professional. Please read below for more information on the benefits of upgrading to RezStream Professional.

Why should I upgrade from Guest Tracker to RezStream Professional?

  • Most existing Guest Tracker data can be transferred into RezStream Professional.
  • Because RezStream is written in a newer programming language, we can keep RezStream compatible with the rapidly changing world of technology.
  • RezStream’s database structure protects sensitive credit card numbers and features a more current database format than Guest Tracker.
  • RezStream Professional is capable of real-time credit card processing, provides visual reservation tools that save you time, and allows for special group reservation options.
  • RezStream Professional links seamlessly to our new RezStream Booking Engine 3.0 to offer even more choices and greater flexibility for guests who wish to book online from your website or the Global Distribution System (GDS).

What if I stick with Guest Tracker?

  • You may use Guest Tracker as long as it continues to function.
  • If you use Guest Tracker 3.5, you will be given “unlock codes” as needed.

Which Guest Tracker products were retired?

  • Guest Tracker 2.0
  • Guest Tracker 3.0
  • Guest Tracker 3.5
  • Guest Tracker Web Module
  • Guest Tracker PDA Module

For additional information regarding this announcement, please visit our Guest Tracker FAQ pages.

Guest Tracker is a TM of RezOvation, LLC
RezStream is not affiliated with, connected to, sponsored by, or endorsed by RezOvation.

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