Creating users in RezStream Professional

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Overview - The RezStream Configuration Utility

The RezStream Configuration Utility is used to define basic business data such as your address and contact information, usernames and passwords, settings for credit card processing, and defaults for how RezStream Professional should react in certain situations. After clicking Tools > Configure, the Configure RezStream window is displayed. 

Adding Users in RezStream Professional

The Users tab allows you to assign user and passwords for each person who uses RezStream Professional. It also allows you to require that users log in after each reservation or payment is entered into the program. This is useful when using the various Tracking reports. Usernames, access levels, and passwords are defined under the Tools > Configure > Users tab.




Use the following steps for creating a new RezStream Professional user.


  1. Click Tools > Configure > Users and then the Add New User button at the bottom of the Users screen.
  2. A new blank line is created. In the Employee Name column, enter a username (Night Audit). Note: you can use the tab key to move to the next fields. 


  3. In the Initials column, enter the employee’s initials. The initials will be used for tracking transactions processed under this username’s logon.
  4. When you tab into the Access Level column, you will see a drop down arrow appear to the right of the current access level displayed. (If you do not see a drop down arrow, left click on the right hand side of the Access Level text field to get a drop down arrow for different levels of access.) Click on the down arrow to see a list of Access Level choices. Select an access level from the drop-down list that is appropriate for the experience level and importance of each user. Normally, access levels 9 and 10 are reserved for owners, front desk managers or General Managers. 


  5. Enter the new user’s password that is unique for that employee only.
  6. If the checkbox for “Require sign on for every data input” is checked, the User Sign On prompt displays every time a user is entering information in RezStream Professional. Prompting for a username and password every time data is saved in RezStream Professional can be beneficial when several people are sharing one computer. Prompting for this information can help pinpoint which employee made a reservation, canceled a reservation, or processed any type of payment. 

  7. Use the Select Sign On Interval feature to select the time interval in which users have to re-sign on during the business day. Click on the drop down arrow to access the list of choices. This feature is useful if you often leave the computer idle or unattended. Small businesses that are owner operated can set the interval to a longer setting. 
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