Run-time error 3044 database not found

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When starting RezStream, receive error "3044 database not found"

Usually occurs in a networked environment.


Work Around/Solution:
This occurs because RezStream cannot connect to the database.

This may be caused by the fact that you are attempting to connect to a database that is not accessible on the network. For example, it is possible to manage multiple RezStream databases from the same computer over a network. If one of the databases is not available on the network, and you try to access this database by selecting File > Network Path and then selecting the path from the "data path selection" box, then the connection to this database will fail. In some cases, the path appears to not get properly set back to the original path, which results in a 3044 error.

Additionally, if the network database that RezStream is currently pointing to is not available when you open RezStream, you may receive this error.

To correct this error, please follow the directions below:

RezStream 2004

1. Confirm that the network is available. You can do this by right-clicking on My Computer (either from the Professional on from the Start menu) and selecting Explore. Find the My Network Places entry and expand it (click on the plus sign). Expand Entire Network, then Microsoft Windows Network. You will see 3 little computers. This is the name of your workgroup (you may have multiple names). Expand the workgroup(s), and look for the server. If you see the server, expand it, and look for the RezStream directory. Click on the RezStream directory. If you can see any files in this directory, then your network connection should be fine.

2. Open the RezStream File Utility by navigating to Start > Programs > RezStream > RezStream File Utility. You should see a "path" entry at the bottom of the window. If the path is correct, and there is a "ready" message, then you should be able to open RezStream with no issues. 

3. If you receive a connection error, note the error, and the path entry. If the error is a 3044 error and the path is the correct one to the server, then you are still having network connection issues. 

4. If the path is not correct (e.g. it is pointing to the local directory), then select File > Network Path, browse to the network path that contains the database, and open the database.

RezStream 2003

1. Open the RezStream.ini file in the RezStream directory (C:\Program Files\RezStream) and change the path back to the default path of C:\Program Files\RezStream\ . 

(NOTE: this will cause problems if you do not have a RD2002.mdb file in the local directory. If this is the case, it is suggested that you copy a RD2002.mdb file to this directory first).

2. Open RezStream, select File > Network Path, and change the path back to the correct network path.

Example of an .ini file:
"C:\Program Files\RezStream\","Administrator",0,30,"Adobe PDF","Adobe PDF","Adobe PDF","Adobe PDF",0,60,"C:\Program Files\RezStream\",0,12640511,"C:\Program Files\RezStream\Graphics\ThemeDesert.bmp",-1,0,0
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