Run-time Error '5': Invalid procedure call or argument

Jesse Long -

If you paste a zip code into the zip code lookup window and click the found button this error will occur.

After you paste the zip code it also doesn't search for that zip code in the lookup table.

See also issues #108, #110, 112 for more instances of this error message.


Work Around/Solution:
Download and install latest version.


1.) If you manually enter a date into a date field you may receive an error "Runtime Error 5: Invalid Procedure Call or Argument". Upon exiting and reentering the software, you may continue to receive this error and may be unable to access the program.

2.) This also may be caused by your Professional shortcut pointing to RezStream.exe on a network drive rather than a local hard drive. For example the target for the Professional shortcut should be "C:\Program Files\RezStream\" but instead it says "R:\RezStream\". The program must be installed locally on the hard drive of each PC and the database path is set by going into RezStream and going to File > Network Path.

This same error message also occurs in other locations. See issues #95, #110, #108


Work Around/Solution:
1.) This may occur because reservations exist in the database with only FIRST names, and you have set RezStream to display only last names on the Reserve Day screen. 

To fix this:
Open ROConfigure.exe (in C:\Program Files\RezStream or default install directory). 
Select Display > Reservation Text, and check Last Name and First Name.

This issue has been addressed in version 2003.0.4.

2.) For the shortcut problem right click on the shortcut and change the 'Target:' to "C:\Program Files\RezStream\"
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