RezOvation/GuestTracker Error Messages

Jesse Long -

Upon startup, the following database errors can occur: These errors are generated by Microsoft Database Engine and indicate a problem with the database file that Guest Tracker uses (usually Tracker.mdb located in C:\Tracker\Tracker.mdb) 

"3049-Not a Microsoft Access Database" 
"3051-Couldn't Open File" 
"3056-Couldn't Repair This Database" 
"3078 could not find input table or query" 
"3078-One of the tables in your database is missing" 
"3167-Record is deleted" 
"3196-Could not use, database already in use." 
"3197-data has changed operation stopped" 
"3197 the Microsoft Jet database engine stopped the process because you and another user are attempting to change the same data at the same time." 
"3279-Database engine is already initialized"


Work Around/Solution:
The first thing to do when any such errors occur is to have all users exit, and reboot all PCs that have Guest Tracker installed by going to Start > Shut down > Restart . Next, run all three database utilities by going to Start > Programs > Guest Tracker > Database Utilities on the server computer. Begin by running Verify, then Compact, then Analyze in that order. If any errors occur, click OK and proceed to run the utilities in order. Many of the errors can be fixed by running the database utilties a second time.

Another recommended solution after rebooting is to run Scan disk. This is run by going to My Computer, right-click on the drive (usually C:\) that contains the database, go to the Tools tab and click on the button that says 'Check Now...'

If the following errors still occur after trying the above solutions here are some specific solutions to each error message:

"3049-Not a Microsoft Access Database" - If this error occurs when running database utilties, just click OK and proceed to run verify, compact, analyze again. Usually if Verify or Compact are run again, this error will clear and these operations will fix the problem. Occasionally two 3049 message will occur and this usually means the database is corrupted beyond repair and you will need to restore from backup.

"3056-Can't Open File" - This error is the result of an abnormal termination of the database connection at a time when the database is being written to, and thus results in a corrupted database file. This error simply means the database has been corrupted beyond repair. The only options are to Restore from backup, or search and find another database to open that is not corrupt. (the Tracker/Temp folder usually contains GT-DATE.mdb files that may not be corrupt)

"3051-Can't Open File" - This usually occurs after surge, or improprer shut down. This may also indicate a "Read-Only" permission on the database. Run Compact first, then run Verify. You also may need to run Verify two or three times to get rid of all the corruption.This will usually clear the error if it occured after an improper shutdown. See Guest TrackerKB Issue #56 & #499 for unchecking read only attribute in database file properties.

"3167-Record is deleted""3197-data has changed operation stopped" - These errors usually occur on a network. Make sure everyone is out of the database, then try running database utilities from the local PC that contains the database file.

"3078-Table is missing" Go to Start > Programs > Guest Tracker > Guest Tracker Tools > Verify Database. Click Begin Verify and click 'yes' to adding an missing tables.
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