How to set up Terminal Services for use with RezStream

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See Below for instructions in setting up Terminal Services:


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WARNING: The install and setup of Terminal Services (TS) MUST be done by a qualified network tech. The server side of a TS setup is a complicated process.

NOTE: You should always install the latest version of RezStream Professional in order to ensure that you have the latest patches and features available.


There are a few key steps to installing RezStream in a Terminal Services environment.

1. Once Terminal Services is set up, install RezStream Professional while logged in as the computer Administrator.

NOTE: You should always install the latest version of RezStream Professional in order to ensure that you have the latest patches and features available.

The actual program should be installed to C:\Program Files\RezStream\. Run the RezStream Professional installer and use the default install location.

2. Terminal Services users MUST NOT use the RezStream executables (.EXEs) from the default program install directory. You must install the .EXE files to a RezStream directory in the DOCUMENTS AND SETTINGS folder for each user, e.g.

C:\Documents and Settings\%USERPROFILE%\Application Data\RezStream\

Each user MUST have the relevant RezStream .EXEs installed to their user profile folder.

It is best to copy the entire RezStream directory to each user profile. AT THE LEAST you must copy RezStream.exe, ROConfigure.exe, ROUtility.exe, RezStream.ini, RezStream.hlp, and the Reports folder to each user profile.

This means all users must have the proper .EXE files and the configuration file in their profile folder. In addition, when a program update is applied, the new .EXEs must be copied to each user's profile folder.

NOTE: Batch files can be created to aid in the quick distribution of RezStream Professional updates.

3. Each user's RezStream folder MUST also have a different creation date. e.g. 

C:\Documents and Settings\PROFILE1\Application Data\RezStream\ <-- created 8/1/04
C:\Documents and Settings\PROFILE2\Application Data\RezStream\ <-- created 8/2/04

4. Finally, you will need to obtain an unlock code for all "instances" of RezStream.exe, and therefore each different user profile. If you have 6 users, you will need to obtain 6 unlock codes. You can contact RezStream Support to receive the necessary unlock codes. When you open RezStream Professional for the first time under each user profile, you may receive a "bad registration code" message. Simply enter your new unlock code by going to Help -> Register.


RezStream cannot be updated in the normal manner when using Terminal Services. The update procedure is as follows:

1. Log in as an Admin to both Terminal Services and RezStream, and select Help > Support Download Update. When the update download has completed, close RezStream. You should be prompted to extract the install files. Use the default install path of C:\Program Files\RezStream\ unless you have set the main server install directory to a path other than the default.

2. Copy the updated executables (normally RezStream.exe, RSConfigure.exe, and RSUtility.exe) to each of the user profile directories.

3. Copy the update Reports folder to each of the user profile directories.

4. a) Launch RezStream on each client to confirm the latest version; or b) check the version manually by comparing the "date modified" entry for RezStream.exe between the main install directories and the user profile directories.

NOTE: RezStream Software can only provide limited support for a Terminal Services installation. Our support is limited to installing RezStream on the TS server, assisting with updates to the TS clients, and assisting with issues relating to the RezStream Professional program. Any issues relating to the install and maintenance of TS is the responsibility of the user.
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