Run-time error 400: Form already displayed; can't show modally" or just "Run-time Error 400" "Run-time error '3021': No current record."

Jesse Long -

Recording payment for gift certificate causes run-time error 400 or 3021. 

Occurs when you add a GC and then create a NEW contact, save the GC, then try to record payment.


Work Around/Solution:
FIXED in v.05 build 9/26/03

Create an invoice for the contact. This invoice can be blank (i.e. have no items in it). Try recording the payment again, and it should work fine.

Instructions for creating an invoice for a contact:
Go to the Point of Sale screen (F4). Click on New Invoice. Click on the Change button, and either select the contact from the list (if the contact has already been entered), or enter the last name and first name for the contact and click "New". An Edit Invoice window will appear. Click on the Save Close button at the bottom of the window (you do not have to enter any items into the invoice).
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