Run-time error 7 out of memory run-time error "-2147024882(8007000e)" : out of memory

Jesse Long -

After installing RezStream Professional, you receive a run-time error 7 "out of memory" when starting the program.

This error only seems to occur on Windows XP systems (Home and Pro).

Occurs when "loading form 5 of 7".


Work Around/Solution:
There is a missing file or a wrong version of one of the Visual Basic Runtime files has been installed on your system. This tends to occur when wireless networking software is installed that replaces an existing file (usually MSVBVM60.DLL located in C:\Windows\System32\). To fix this, delete this file and reinstall RezStream which puts the correct file and the correct version back in this folder.

From Microsoft Knowledge Base:

This Run-time error is usually caused by an unregistered DLL or OCX while attempting to run a program that is made using Visual Basic. You can also try reinstalling the VBRunTime Files. You can find the newest Version at the following link:
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