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Uploading RezStream Professional Changes

From time to time, you may want to change settings that were uploaded from RezStream Professional to the RezStream Booking Engine, for example, unit rates, taxes, or point of sale items. You should ONLY make changes to these settings in RezStream Professional. Once you have changed key information within RezStream Professional, you may then upload these changes to an existing RezStream Booking Engine account. When these RezStream Professional configuration settings are changed, for example, a new reason for reservation is added, the change is made in RezStream Professional and then uploaded to the RezStream Booking Engine using the following RezStream Professional menu option.


File > Online Availability Update > RezStream Booking Engine 3.0 > Verify Configuration Data

           Note: You can also click on the X or Check Mark in the bottom right hand side from the Reserve Day Screen


RezStream recommends making a batch of changes in RezStream Professional and then uploading the batch to the RezStream Booking Engine. Because occupancy is verified as part of the Verify Configuration process, as more and more reservations are added, it will take longer to complete the upload process.



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