RezStream Professional - Credit Card Processing Options

Jeff Hebrink -

 This article will help you understand your options as a user of RezStream Professional, when you are trying to integrate credit card processing with the reservation software.  

  1. In order to process a credit card transaction two things are required
    1. Merchant Account (Processing company that allows you to accept Visa/MC/AmeX
    2. Payment Gateway (Gateway between where the card is swiped and the guests bank/account where those funds are held looking for an approved/declined)

                                                               i.      You as the property typically never touch this provider.  Most merchant account companies work with a payment gateway that benefits them financially


  1. RezStream offers two choices to meet your needs of processing credit cards within the reservation software (RezStream Professional)
    1. Pay Pros (Merchant Account + Payment Gateway)

                                                               i.      This company acts as both the merchant account AND the payment gateway

  1. Therefore you pay one company a fee for every transaction you process
  2. Merchant Partners (Payment Gateway Only)

                                                               i.      This company acts as ONLY the payment gateway

  1. The benefit to you is that this option allows you to pick any merchant account of your choice (ex: The lady who emailed you, your local bank, any other merchant account in the US)

                                                             ii.      With this choice you pay Merchant Partners .08 cents per transaction and $10/month IN ADDITION to whatever your merchant account is charging you per transaction (percentage fee)


With that being said, when I deal with companies that offer this service they are always talking about how competitive their rates are and how they will match anyone’s pricing.  Well that’s all fine and dandy, however when a property goes that route, in order for their company to talk to our software we have to use our universal payment gateway merchant partners.  That then adds on the .08 cents and $10/month on top of whatever [insert name] company charges.  Very rarely does it end up being cheaper for our properties and working with Pay Pros.  HOWEVER, I strongly suggest you take a look at these credit card companies annually to see what’s out there as there are gazillions of them and their very aggressive in winning your business.  Pay attention to any upfront costs, contract commitments and cancellation fees.

Thank you,

Josh Wise 


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