Moving Letters from Letter Design to Email Design

Kyle Avila -

Here are the steps to move letters from Letter Design to Email Design.


  1. Open letter design (Tools > Letter Design)
  2. Find the letter you want to copy
  3. Either highlight the content of the letter and choose copy or click in the letter and use CTRL+A to select the whole letter and CTRL+C to copy it.
  4. Paste this into Notepad. (Start > All Programs > Accessories > Notepad)
  5. Go to Edit > Replace
  6. Replace all of  the "<" with "[" and also replace ">" with "]"
  7. Go back to RezStream
  8. Close Letter Design
  9. Go to Tools > Email Design
  10. Choose "Single No Style"
  11. Choose the "Template Letter"
  12. Click HTML at the bottom of the screen
  13. Copy all of the code from there
  14. Find the email design letter you want to replace or create a new one under single no style
  15. In the new letter or the one you are replacing click HTML at the bottom of the screen
  16. Delete all the code
  17. Paste the code from the template
  18. Click Edit at the bottom of the screen
  19. Go back to your notepad (you can probably find it in the task bar)
  20. Select everything there and copy
  21. Go back to Email Design
  22. Paste over the word TEXT
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